Mon 9/23: The Resistance strikes back! – Two comments for this evening!

Both of these actions are due by 11:59 EST TONIGHT!!!

So much skullduggery, so little time!
Remember, you can write a lot or just a couple of lines. The key thing is to sound like you! Copies will be ruthlessly eliminated by the moderators. Petitions for these actions aren’t useful, as, no matter how many names are attached, the government just counts them as one (1).

Action #1 – Comment to oppose the spread of “Expedited Removal”.

is this the line?

Remember, you can just write a few lines. Numbers count! Right now there are only 774 comments! WRITE!!!

Comment here

  • Here is the proposed rule here.
  • Here are other people’s comments for inspiration only: here.
  • See our  whole post with information and links here.
  • Fast read: here and here.

Action #2 – Comment  on the “Revision of Categorical Eligibility in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” Cuts food benefits to 3,000,000


Kids in school lunch programs would have to apply separately for the program. Read the text – USDA claims that billionaires are getting food stamps.

Comment here.

  • Rule information here.
  • Read other comments for inspiration – don’t copy anything verbatim! here.
  • We put out an informational an information piece for an earlier version of this here.
  • Fast read: SNAP’s “Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility” Supports Working Families and Those Saving for the Future (CBPP)
  • Fast read: What my grandmother would have said about Trump’s food stamp proposal (WAPO)
  • Fast read:3 Million Could Lose Food Stamp Benefits Under Trump Administration Proposal (NPR)
  • Fast read:USDA rule would cut food stamp benefits for 3.1 million (AP)

One thought on “Mon 9/23: The Resistance strikes back! – Two comments for this evening!

  1. I strongly oppose this rule, which is an out-and-our attack on the poor and low-mid income individuals. No sound rationale has been provided. Harm would be considerable and savings minimal. This is ill-conceived and deliberately cruel policy.


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