Mon – 2/18 – This is no ordinary Presidents’ Day! Come out and roar!

“…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”. (Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address)

Action #1 – Join us on Presidents Day— Today – Monday (2/18) from noon to 1:30pm

We’ll be at the corner of Victoria and Telephone in Ventura in front of the Government Center (800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura) (Share this Facebook link: here)

Bring your flags, signs, dress in red, white, and blue – and show what real patriots look like!

If you aren’t within driving distance of Ventura, look here for your nearest event. There are over 260 protests happening at 12 noon all across America!

  • Remind our legislators that we expect them to protect us from a nonsense campaign slogan run amok.
  • Remind our legislators that we expect them to protect the people, animals and environment from the harm this wall would cause.
  • Remind our legislators that we expect them to protect our tax money from being wasted on a vanity project.
  • Remind our politicians that when this debacle is recorded in the history books, they’re getting one chance to be described as the heroes who saved our system of checks and balances. 

Together, we will say NO to Trump’s power grabs, NO to his racist border wall, NO to xenophobia, and NO to HATE.

Trump’s undemocratic power grab to secure his racist border wall is a direct attack on our democracy and immigrant families. Terrifyingly, this declaration could allow him to seize massive emergency powers to erode the foundations of our democracy, increase funding for more anti-immigrant policies, and launch more attacks on communities.

Action #2 – Call your legislators! Tell them to do their job.

3 actions on how to do this here.

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