Wed. – 11/14: Resistance writers! Let’s say “HELLO” to Mississippi! Join us Friday 11/16 to push Espy over the finish line.

Action #1 – Meet us for postcard-writing at Santino’s Pizza this Friday in Ventura, 11 – 2!

We provide postcards, pizza and lots of comradery! (See picture above!) Share this and bring your friends! (Facebook link here.)

We’ll be asking voters in Mississippi to turn out again on November 27th in a Special Election Runoff to help Democrat Mike Espy, former congressman and Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton administration, beat Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is now really famous for doing this. If he wins this runoff, he’ll also become the first black senator for that state since Reconstruction.

Here’s a map to Santino’s Pizza. It’s at 4231 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, 93003.

Santino's map

Read about the current state of the Senate race in Mississippi here.

(from Tony the Democrat) “On Tuesday, voters in Mississippi were able to cast votes for two U.S. Senate seats. One of them was up for a full six-year term. The other seat was up for a Special Election the remainder of Republican Thad Cochran’s unexpired term.

Because no candidate for the U.S. Senate Special Election earned 50% +1 vote, there will be a Runoff election on November 27th.

The distribution of votes were 41.5% to one Republican, 40.6% to Mike Espy, 16.4% to a second Republican, and 1.4% to a second Democrat. Simple math confirms there were more Republican voters than Democratic voters. But, Special Election Runoffs in late November a few weeks after a big General Election are not likely to get a lot of turnout.

Postcards could boost winning turnout by an out-sized percentage with so much less money and noise bombarding voters. With expectations already so low, your  postcards could give Mississippi Dems the help they need.

Imagine how much hard it will be for *both* sides to get volunteers for phone banks and door to door canvassing. Yet, postcards could blanket hundreds of thousands of Democratic households’ mailboxes. And they hadn’t received cards from us in the General. So, this will really stand out.

Mike served in Congress from 1987 to 1993 when he became Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton Administration. For those about to Google him, make sure you read the articles from 1998. Don’t just stop at the ones from 1997.

This is an election ideally crafted for our strengths. It could be as big as last year’s Doug Jones U.S. Senate win in Alabama.(!!!)

Action #2 – If you can’t join us, get your own postcard addresses here!

Share this post with your friends!

Returning writers may request voter addresses for this campaign by using one of the following options

  1. Text HELLO to (484) 275-2229
  2. Click for Facebook
  3. Email us at

If you are new to us, sign up easily by using one of the following options

  1. Text JOIN to (484) 275-2229
  2. Email us at
  3. Click Here

Action #3 – Help us fund these events!

Postcards, pizza and stamps…mundane building blocks to help create this Resistance, but they work. (See “last election”) However, expenses do add up. We thought stamps for postcards were 19¢ when we started this group. They’re really 35¢ a piece and our gang goes through a thousand postcards fast. If you can, please help us – donations of postcard stamp rolls are always appreciated as well as donations to this link.

– With much appreciation,

Indivisible Ventura

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