Sat – 10/6: Refocus. Help make and encourage new voters at Plaza Park today.

Today, this is true.

“The Republican-controlled Senate appears poised to confirm a Supreme Court justice who believes in presidential immunity to criminal investigation. He was handpicked by a president whose wealth was inherited through tax fraud, whose former personal attorney has implicated him in a federal crime, and who is the focus of an ongoing investigation into a foreign attack on American democracy.” (Adam Server, Atlantic Monthly)

But today, this is also true.

The next generation, 17-35-year-olds, are the largest voting demographic in America, and they are ready to take their place on the lines next to us. What happens now, with women’s rights, the environment, education, taxes, health care, labor rights, war, immigration…literally everything, will now directly effect them in a way they’ve never felt before.

Come out today and encourage students at today’s rally at Plaza Park, downtown Ventura, from 10:00 – 12:00. Facebook page with details here.

Bring your younger kids to inspire them, and remind them that this is what they’re  preparing for…to become educated citizens, ready to help direct the course of their country.

Today’s Vote For Our Lives Rally is a free community event hosted by the Ventura County Chapter of the National Association of Students Against Gun Violence. This event will honor the one year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting, and encourage the community to vote in the midterm elections on November 6th. In the upcoming elections, we must get out and vote for politicians that will protect us and our rights.

Students in Ventura County, including Angel Castañon and Celeste Rodriguez, and local politicians such as Deputy Mayor of Ventura Matt Levere, will be speaking at the event about gun violence, human rights, and the important of voting in a democracy.There will also be several organizations, such as Justice For All, with tables set up at the event to provide information about issues that will be affected by the results of the midterm elections.The National Association of Students Against Gun Violence is a bipartisan organization, and this will be a peaceful, bipartisan event.

Indivisible Ventura will also be there to register voters. 16-17 year olds can PRE-REGISTER and voting materials will be sent to them as soon as they reach 18.

The official cut-off date to get a mail-in ballot or vote at a neighborhood polling place is Oct. 22.

However, fear not, procrastinators!  CA law allows any 18-year-old citizen who is not mentally incompetent or a felon on parole to register and vote at the Ventura County Elections division up to and on Election Day.

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