Mon – Oct. 1: 1st anniversary of the Las Vegas Massacre. We are beyond “T&P” now. This is what you can do.

Today, October 1st, marks the one-year anniversary of the Las Vegas mass shooting, where 59 innocent people were murdered, and more than 500 others were injured by shooter Stephen Paddock. 

Aside from thoughts and prayers for the trauma and tragedy of these families, we can take local action TODAY to end the proliferation of guns via the gun shows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. This is our last chance to end the CROSSROADS of THE WEST (COTW) contract with Ventura County before they are renewed. (See “Background” below regarding some highly problematic issues with this promoter.)

Let’s turn our anger into action:

Action #1 – Sign and share this petition

Action #2 – Call the County Fair Board at (805) 648-3376

Minimal script: I live in Ventura County and I ask that you not re-new the contract with Crossroads of the West Gun Shows, and that you end ALL gun shows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, a state-owned property. 

Action #3 – Email the County Fair Board

Email: Barbara Quaid at:
Write a letter or postcard: 
Ventura County Fair Board, 10 West Harbor Blvd., Ventura, CA 93001,  Attn. Barbara Quaid, CEO

Sample script (mix it up): Dear Ventura County, Fair Board Directors: I live in Ventura County and I ask that you not re-new the contract with Crossroads of the West Gun Shows, and that you end ALL gun shows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, a state-owned property. As a taxpayer and resident, I believe that no state agency should promote or profit from the proliferation of firearms and ammunition. The advertisement of firearms when viewed by children have a negative impact on their health and well-being. I believe it is your responsibility to find other financial means to support our 31st Agricultural District. 

Additional script if you want it: We are requesting that law enforcement be present at your next Ventura County Fairgrounds Meeting on October 23rd in order to provide a safe environment for community speakers.

Action #4 – Save the date (10/23) and show up.

Show up, speak or be a supporter on Tuesday 10/23rd at 9 a.m. at the Ventura County Fairgrounds Board of Directors meeting! It will be held on the fairgrounds at the Derby Club building, 10 West Harbor Blvd. Ventura, CA 93001. Parking is free.


Crossroads of the West is run by a gun law violator. Bob Templeton, board president of the family-owned B&L Productions, was convicted of a felony unlawful firearm sale in 1980 and his son, former board vice president, was convicted on weapons and drug charges in 2003. Mr. Templeton has stated that two other children with clean records currently sign all contracts and oversee the shows.

This show has a direct connection to the Las Vegas Massacre. Stephen Paddock purchased bullets from a vendor he met at the Crossroads of The West Gun Shows. The vendor, Douglas Haig, was approved for the Crossroads gun shows in Las Vegas and Phoenix even though his website, called “Specialized Military Ammunition”, advertised high explosive armor-piercing (AP) incendiary ammunition, much, but not all of which is illegal under federal law. Paddock purchased several ten-round packages of .308 caliber incendiary ammunition at the show itself and arranged to meet afterwards off-site to buy 720 rounds of tracer ammunition. Bullets traced back to Haig were found in Paddock’s hotel room, and were proven by the FBI to be metallurgically classified as armor piercing bullets as well as incendiary as advertised. Haig has subsequently been arrested and charged with the manufacture of this type of ammunition without a license.

Ammunition Regulation by state here and here.

This show is willing to violate the intent of CA laws: In 2013, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed suit against three gun accessories companies and Crossroads of the West for selling disassembled high‐capacity magazines in violation of  California’s law that prohibits the sale, manufacture, or import of gun ammunition feeding devices that accept more than 10 rounds. These device were labeled as gun magazine “repair kits” in a barely‐disguised attempt to skirt a 14‐year‐old California gun safety law, the disassembled equipment is intended for easy reassembly by purchasers into complete, fully functional high‐capacity magazines that dramatically enhance the lethality of otherwise lawful firearms.

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