Tues 7/31 – Today’s the LAST day to comment on the “gag rule”! Forced-birthers are all in. We need to be too.

(Quote source – Watch the whole disturbing exchange here.
This post was originally published on 7/26. It’s updated with new actions.)

Heads up, people! We are LOSING the numbers game on comments!!!

Action #1: Make a comment now! 

If you did it yesterday, do it again. Comments supporting the gag rule are outnumbering us at what looks like 25:1. Most are form letters. 

And remember that this is not just a women’s battle.

The majority of peopleINCLUDING MEN, who’ve benefited by women having full access to reproductive care, support access to abortion. Ask the men in your life to write too.  Commenting is really easy to do. It takes 5 minutes. After you make a comment, make another. Make a dozen. Call/email/facebook/instagram or smoke signal your friends and have them start making comments. 

  • The group that came up with the Dept. of Reproductive Control has created an easy form here to submit before the deadline of July 31.
  • Or go old school – directly to the government comment form here.
  • Read the “Supplementary Information” and watch the comment tally go up here.
  • Examples of opposing comments at the bottom. 

Action #2: Read this article.

Women Will Be Punished.

The gloves are off. Forced-birthers have pretended for a long time that women are innocent bystanders to an abortion and only medical professionals would be prosecuted. However, women ARE being punished now for abortions and this will become the norm.  Kevin D. Williamson, a short hire for the Atlantic, stated that he was “absolutely willing to see abortion treated like regular homicide under the criminal code” and women who’ve had abortions should be hanged.

Expanding the field: The usual targets of enforcement are medical personnel, but that’s not enough sacrifice for their angry gods. Forced-birth advocates are also trying to cut-off all the work-arounds, including creating legislation to arrest people who transport women for the purpose of obtaining abortion services…

Yes, it can happen: The GOP has introduced a bill, sponsored by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-TX) that would criminalize the transportation of a minor across state lines without her parents’ consent to obtain a legal abortion and impose a 1-yer prison sentence.

Has already happened: Texas has already passed a law that prohibits anyone from helping a woman obtain a second-trimester abortion—by, for instance, driving her to a clinic. In 2014, a jury convicted Jennifer Whelan for purchasing abortion pills online for her 16-year-old daughter, who wished to terminate her unplanned pregnancy. A judge sentenced Whelan to prison.

Action #3: Watch this movie!

Rent/download the entire movie here:  Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo
Sign up to get updates here.

Action #4: The GOP knows that language is a weapon.

Never say “Pro-life” again. We suggest “Forced-birth” and those who advocate for it as “Forced-birthers“. We’re open for suggestions of other snappy and evocative names. Send to IndivisibleVentura@gmail.com.

Background on Title X vs. “The Gag Rule”

Title X is the only federal domestic program focused solely on providing people with family planning services – to women with and without insurance. Most patients are uninsured or ineligible for Medicaid. You can read more about it here.

The Trump administration has proposed a “gag rule,” that not only would prohibit providers from even discussing abortion as a health care option for women, but would impose onerous and expensive requirements – like having a physical and financial separation between Title X programs and abortion services. (By way of reminder, abortion services are never paid for with federal or government dollars.)

A  fictional website – brilliantly branded as the Department of Reproductive Control – lays out the Trump administration’s vision, using their actual words, of the future that awaits us, our daughters and granddaughters.

Read it and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Then, sit down and write out some comments because…

…although at this moment, there are over 160,000 comments recorded…

MOST of them are form-letters IN FAVOR OF THE GAG RULE!!!

Our opposition is well-organized and well-funded. However, there are far more of us who believe in our rights to full healthcare, so write! Here are comments to help you start.

Sample Comments

Comment samples:  here. Cruise through and you will recognize several distinctive form letters in favor of the gag rule. Yikes! Try to mix up the wording a bit on yours. We want to be distinctive, not bots.

 Comment sample: The proposed rule is harmful to the health and basic rights of women, and I urge you to withdraw it. This rule would require family-planning providers to conceal legal reproductive options available to women, making it more difficult for millions of Title X patients to get proper preventive care. Moreover, the proposed rule contradicts existing law that ensures patients have a right to full and accurate information about their health care.

This ill-considered rule would also increase the number of patients who receive health care under Title X without providing any additional financing to help the program or providers meet this expanded need. This would place a significant strain on Title X providers.

Most importantly, implementation of this rule will hurt women and their families, denying rights to birth control, cancer screenings, abortion referrals, STD testing and treatment, or even general womens health exams. Major medical associations, like the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) and the American College of Physicians (ACP), oppose this policy because it moves away from science-based principles and erodes standards of care. Patients have a right to know what their health care options are, and the information they receive should not be influenced by a third partys moral or religious convictions.

As a taxpayer and a healthcare consumer, I strongly oppose to the proposed rule, and I ask you to withdraw it immediately.

 Comment sample: The Trump administrations recently unveiled domestic gag rule, as its popularly known, while technically aimed at curbing abortion, imperils the future of hundreds of Title X-supported family planning clinics providing contraceptive services to low-income households. This is a travesty. Why does this administration keep trying to punish low-income people??? They are the very ones that need contraceptive services so that they will not need abortions that this administration abhors. What hypocrisy! Take away contraception so that more abortions are necessary, but then try to eliminate abortions altogether which everyone knows this President wants as he has said it over and over and is nominating Supreme Court justices who will strike down Roe v Wade as soon as they can. Then 22 states will make it illegal to get an abortion, most of which have these low-income households that need the Title X-supported family planning clinics that are being taken away! This Rule SHOULD NOT GO INTO EFFECT EVER!!!

 Comment sample: As I understand the present situation Title X funds cannot be used for abortions. This has worked in the the past; Therefore I oppose the proposed rule. Healthcare providers must be able to discuss and inform their clients regarding their health. The government must not interfere in the doctor-patient relationship. If a pregnancy endangers the life of the woman, then treatment to save her life in necessary. Title X funds may not be used but care must be given under an alternative payer source or under free care.

 Comment sample: As a Nurse Practitioner who has worked in Women’s Health for over 12 years, giving my patients access to accurate information is fundamental to that work.

I’m writing about President Trump’s announcement of a “gag rule” on health care providers that participate in Title X, the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive health care that four million people rely on each year. If enacted, the “gag rule” would prohibit ANY Title X health care provider from referring patients for abortion – even if that’s what the patient wants, and even if withholding that information threatens their health. It would destroy the trust between patients and doctors. And it would put the health care of the four million people who depend on Title X at risk. The gag rule is also designed to make it impossible for reproductive health care providers like Planned Parenthood to serve patients in the program. This could block the 41 percent of Title X patients who rely on Planned Parenthood health centers from care, leaving them without access to life-saving services like cancer screenings, birth control, wellness exams, and more. We know that the gag rule is intended to block people from accessing care and honest information. This would be radical, and has never been implemented in the United States before.

I’m also a mother, aunt, sister and friend. I don’t want any of the women in my life, including myself, to have to suffer as result of these harmful proposed actions.

 Comment sample: I am writing to be to protect my fundamental right to reproductive health care in America. Trying to control reproductive health care by dismantling Title X, the only dedicated source of federal funding for family planning, will devastate the physical and financial health of too many families already working hard to get by.

I demand that you:

– Defend doctors’ right to advise their patients without government interference
– Defend America against anti-abortion and abstinence-only views
– Defend patients’ access to unbiased health care

Women start to die because of this ruling, and we will lay their deaths at the feet of the GOP. You cannot remove our options and ignore the consequences. I demand health care, not health control.

Related Issues/Resources

The BAWS Impact Campaign is collecting video comments from women about having been denied care because of someone else’s beliefs. The prompt is a Walgreens pharmacist recent refusal to fill a prescription for an Arizona women suffering a miscarriage because he decided his beliefs were more important than what she and her doctor decided was the best medical treatment. The video clips collected will be edited to produce a social media campaign encouraging votes for pro-choice candidates. Record your own video for this campaign here (password: Walgreens). Please also share this link with others. See how simple it is to create your own such video collection campaign.



2 thoughts on “Tues 7/31 – Today’s the LAST day to comment on the “gag rule”! Forced-birthers are all in. We need to be too.

  1. The proposed rule is harmful to the basic right of women to know their health options, and this to obtain appropriate care.
    I strongly oppose this proposed rule!


  2. This gag rule harms the most vulnerable girls and women, requiring family planming providers to conceal legal treatment options and making it more difficult for many to obtain proper preventive care.
    I thoroughly oppose this measure.


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