Saturday’s Families Belong Together Rally – “Where else would I be?”

After thanking them for attending our rally Saturday evening, people gave the same answer…”Where else would I be?

We had people for whom walking and standing was a difficult business. But still they came, to stand on the unforgivingly hard sidewalk. “Where else would I be?

We had people who were protesters back when Vietnam was the issue, and people who came out for the first time. “Where else would I be?

Every generation has its defining issue, where people of conscience speak out for those who can’t. Our president has left no part of our democracy unscathed, but it will be the deliberate weaponization of family destruction, with the welfare of children casually dismissed as collateral damage, that will forever mark this administration’s reign.

And for that, we will resist. Where else would we be?

(One participant shared these great photos with us. If you others you’d like to share, please send to






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