Mon. 6/4: There are only two forms of power…money and votes. Use yours tomorrow.

Indivisible Ventura has spent a lot of time registering college students this year. Here are the top three statements we hear.

“My vote doesn’t count”.

This is the biggest objection when we talk to students about registering to vote. These are students who:

  • will finish their educational efforts with the largest student debt loads in history, presided over by a Secretary of Education who has personally profited off these loans and is actively helping Trump make them harder to pay off.
  • will face high entry-level housing costs, inadequate health and child care access, along with stagnant wages when they graduate.
  • will be most affected by the possible loss of a free internet.

“I’m sending a message by not voting”.

Yes, unfortunately, they are. The message is that legislators are free to ignore everything that’s important to them and concentrate on other groups, like the elderly and the wealthy, who always show up at the polls. Students, the poor, people of color, and the disabled, are being disenfranchised because they aren’t deploying their only form of power in sufficient numbers.

“Everything is decided by rich white guys…”

Every rich white oligarch still has only one ballot to cast. We’re sure they’re trying to fix that, but for now, for one shining moment in the polling booth, every American over the age of 18 is absolutely equal. The real power of the super-wealthy is to discourage us from getting into that booth in the first place. Voter suppression is an expensive business, what with all the legal and administration fees, but it pays off in reducing who legislators have to listen to in order to stay in office. Yes, your votes ARE important, important enough to have inspired all this:

Put your thumb in the eye of history and vote your heart out!

For a brief historical bumper-car ride, take this 10-minute literacy test used in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi during the 1950s and ’60s. Then, go out tomorrow and defy every person and institution that caused such a horror to exist.

OMG! The ballot is HYUGE and full of people and ballot measures I’ve never heard of before. I have a life! Now what?

Go here. We made an explainer to make it easier. Fill out what you want. It’s OK to leave blanks. But vote. Make legislators listen to you. This is how your power works.

OMG! I forgot to register! Do I need to stow my power until November?

NO – YOU CAN STILL VOTE! Go in person to the Elections Division, in the basement of the County Bldg. – 800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura. You can register and VOTE right there up to and on Voting Day, Tuesday, June 5th!map to county

How can I expand my power?

  • Have you called/texted/email/facebooked/tweeted/snapchatted/instagrammed everyone you know to tell them that this election is important and shared our guide or others that you like with them?
  • Do you have friends or neighbors without cars who need a lift to the polls? Give them a ride.
  • Do you have elderly or disabled neighbors who need help getting to the poll? Throw them in too.
  • Sign up with to be matched with a voter who needs a ride! If you have questions or need assistance, call vote‘s toll-free Voter ID Helpline – 844-338-8743 – or Contact.






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