Please help turn green card holders into citizens and voters. Share this!

Get that N-400 form finished!

In America, green card holders of at least 5 years can apply for citizenship. Green card holders married to U.S. citizens can apply after 3 years.

On Saturday, volunteers and immigration lawyers will assist eligible applicants fill out the N-400 form at this free Citizenship Fair and answer questions. Applicants do not need to be from Ventura County! Just bring the items listed on the flyer to make the process faster.

N-400 Fee Waivers

El Concilio will be there to help applicants apply for need-based waivers to the N400 application fees. There are three categories:

  • Those who receive means-tested benefits such as Medi-Cal, SSI, Calfresh or similar (Bring cards)
  • Those who can demonstrate low-income (Bring tax statements)
  • Those who can demonstate financial hardship (Bring W2’s)

Contact El Concilio at (805) 486-9777 or at to confirm the paperwork required to determine eligibility for a waiver.


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