Valentine postcards!

Pick a few recipients from this list (thanks to Jen Hofmann and Postcards by Kate) and get out your glitter and stickers, colored pens and lots of hearts! You know what to do! You may be surprised by some of the suggested recipients, but it never hurts to reward someone for doing the right thing. Maybe they’ll do it more often in the future.

Love this woman!

Lissa Lucas traveled the 100 miles from her home in Cairo, West Virginia to the state capitol in Charleston Friday to testify against an oil and gas industry sponsored bill (HB 4268) that would allow companies to drill on minority mineral owners’ land without their consent. (Can you even imagine this?)

Lucas is running for the House of Delegates from Ritchie County, which has been overrun by the fracking industry.

Send her some encouragement here. (Working on getting an address…)Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said 45 should fund health care for Veterans rather than host his proposed military parade. “A military parade in DC would shut down the nation’s capital and waste taxpayer dollars just to feed Trump’s ego,” Norton tweeted. “The way to show our service members and veterans that we appreciate their service is to use the parade money to fund their health care and other services they need.” Read more here.

We couldn’t agree more. Let’s send her a postcard of thanks!

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton
90 K Street, NE
Suite 100
Washington, DC 20001
phone: (202) 408-9041

Thank Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for opposing Stephen Miller’s role in the negotiations over immigration and support of legal immigration, and working in a bipartisan way.

Address: 508 Hampton Street, Suite 202, Columbia, SC 29201

Thank Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) for seeing through the RAISE Family Caregivers Act that the president recently signed into law. Thank you for addressing the needs of caregivers, along with aging people and people with disabilities who receive care and want to stay in their own homes.

Address (SC): 68 Sewall Street, Room 507, Augusta, ME 04330

Address (TB): 633 W. Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1920, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Thank T-Mobile for their Super Bowl advertisement and its message of racial equality. In these contentious times, I appreciate your company’s choice to use those 60 seconds to uplift and inspire.

Address: T-Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

Thank the Audi Car Company for choosing to support women’s equality in their Super Bowl ad. I appreciate your heartwarming message.

Address: 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive, Herndon, VA 20171

Thank Coca-Cola for acknowledging gender-neutral pronouns in your Super Bowl ad. You made a difference by elevating the visibility of non-binary people in America.

Send to: The Coca Cola Company, PO. Box 1734, Atlanta, GA 30301

The Austin, Texas city council has passed a resolution “not to procure services from any company involved in the design, construction, or maintenance of the border wall,” with support from Austin Mayor Steve Adler.

Let’s send a big “Thank you!” to the Austin City Council for taking a strong stance against dangerous nationalism and anti-immigration efforts

Thank Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Chris Coons (D-DE) for developing a bipartisan immigration bill that protects Dreamers without funding a wall. I appreciate your bipartisanship and standing up for our neighbors. Thank you.

Address (JM): 2201 East Camelback Road Suite 115, Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Address: (CC): 1105 North Market Street, Suite 100, Wilmington, DE 19801

Thank Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D-WA) for investigating Motel 6’s practice of reporting guest names to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Companies that discriminate based on race should be held accountable. I appreciate your initiative on behalf of equality for all people. Thank you. Name, State

Address: PO Box 40100, Olympia, WA  98504-0100


Thank Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for his response to the president’s comments on El Salvador, Haiti, and African nations. I agree that each person has dignity and deserves respect, no matter their race, ethnicity, or other circumstances of their birth. Thank you.

Address: 2201 East Camelback Road Suite 115, Phoenix, Arizona, 85016

Montpelier High School’s Racial Justice Alliance should get two cards…one to congratulate them on their incredible persistence, and another to the school board via the superintendent to thank them for acknowledging student concerns, and encourage them to fly the flag year-round. If you’re able and inclined, show support of the students by liking their Facebook page or adding a supportive comment. They’re taking some heavy attacks from trolls.

Racial Justice Alliance
c/o Principal Mike McRaith
Montpelier High School
5 High School Dr
Montpelier, VT 05602

Montpelier Board of School Commissioners
c/o Superintendent Brian Ricca
5 High School Drive, Unit 1
Montpelier, VT 05602

Thank Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) for continuing to advocate for funding community health centers across the US. I appreciate your commitment to supporting this vital resource and urging Congress to care for their neighbors. Name, State, Party

Address: 2000 Market Street, Suite 610, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Embed from Getty Images

The VICE News team spent almost a year investigating police shootings nationwide. They found that cops shoot Americans more than twice as often as ever before. They also found that police shoot black people more often and at higher rates than other races, and more than previous data has shown. 20% of all people shot are unarmed, also a higher rate than has been previously reported.

Read the full report here and then let’s send the VICE News team some thank you postcards for this most important work.

49 S 2nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Thank Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for your sustained effort to protect Dreamers. I appreciate you telling their stories and why they should be celebrated as part of the American family. Thank you for your leadership.

Send to: 90 Seventh Street, Suite 2-800, San Francisco, CA 94103

Thank Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) for demanding full transparency from Health and Human Services. I am grateful to you for holding this department accountable for its responsibilities to Congress and the American people. Thank you.

Address: 104 South Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601

Thank Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for calling Dan Scavino for an interview about communications with Russia. I appreciate your pursuit of truth through the Senate Judiciary Committee in spite of Chairman Grassley’s lack of meaningful focus. History will look kindly on you for seeking accountability. Thank you. Name, State.

Address: 11111 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 915, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Thank Scott Pruitt (R) for choosing to protect the world’s largest salmon habitat in Bristol Bay, AK, to ensure the livelihood of the fishing industry, and to uphold the highest environmental standards in mining. I am deeply grateful. Name, State, Party

Address: ℅ EPA, Office of the Administrator 1101A, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20460

Thank Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) for guaranteeing eligibility for state-funded Medicaid for all New Yorkers. I appreciate your concern and compassion for our neighbors, regardless of immigration status. Thank you for your leadership.

Address: Governor of New York, NYS State Capitol Building, Albany, NY 12224

Thank Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) for opposing the inclusion of a citizenship question on the 2020 census. I share your concern that it will lead to an inaccurate count of constituents, reducing their representation in congress. Thank you for your leadership.

Address (IRL): 4960 SW 72 Ave, Suite 208, Miami, FL 33155

Address (MDB): 8669 NW 36th Street, Suite 100, Doral, FL 33166

Thank Sen. Tim Kaine for insisting on the release of a memo outlining the president’s legal authority to wage war. As a member of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, I appreciate you using your position to bring this information to light. It is vital for Congress to maintain authority over any act of war. Thank you.

Address: 919 East Main Street, Suite 970, Richmond, VA 23219

Thank Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) for introducing the Defending Elections from Threats by Establishing Redlines (DETER) Act. I thank you for working across the aisle to prevent foreign intrusion and protect the integrity of our vote.

Address (MR): 402 South Monroe Street, Suite 2105E, Tallahassee, FL 32399

Address (CVH): B40C Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

Thank your state Attorney General if they’re one of 18 AGs defending students from fraudulent, for-profit “colleges” by suing Betsy DeVos. Thanks for using your position to stand up for what is right.

Write: Your state Attorney General (find mailing address in links below) in CA, CT, DC, DE, HI, IA, IL, MD, MA, MN, NM, NY, NC, OR, PA, RI, VT, VA, WA.

For Californians, send  our Attorney General Xavier Becerra a little love. He’s been a busy man suing the Trump administration on our behalf..


Office of the Attorney General
1300 “I” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-2919
Phone: (916) 445-9555
Office of the Attorney General
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Thank Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) for signing a petition to add a measure restoring voting rights to formerly-incarcerated people to the Florida ballot . Thank you for recognizing that the right to vote is not a partisan issue, and for working to enfranchise Floridians who have become contributing members of society. I’m grateful you believe in second chances. Name, State, Party

Address: 12851 SW 42nd Street, Suite 131, Miami, FL 33175

Thank Stockton, CA for having the guts to try out Universal Basic Income this year. The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration will give $500 per month to low-income residents, no strings attached. Facing a future of growing income inequality and the strong likelihood that in coming years many fewer people will be needed to work, we are excited that Stockton has taken on the challenge of providing a solution, and we eagerly anticipate the results of the experiment. Read more here.

Congratulate Stockton Mayor Michael D. Tubbs on having the courage to face the future and try something new.

Mayor Michael D. Tubbs
425 N. El Dorado Street
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 937-8499

Crowdfunding link here.


 Will be updated as required through Valentine’s Day.


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