Valentine postcards!

Pick a few recipients from this list (thanks to Jen Hofmann and Postcards by Kate) and get out your glitter and stickers, colored pens and lots of hearts! You know what to do! You may be surprised by some of the suggested recipients, but it never hurts to reward someone for doing the right thing. Maybe they’ll do it more often in the future.

Love this woman!

Lissa Lucas traveled the 100 miles from her home in Cairo, West Virginia to the state capitol in Charleston Friday to testify against an oil and gas industry sponsored bill (HB 4268) that would allow companies to drill on minority mineral owners’ land without their consent. (Can you even imagine this?)

Lucas is running for the House of Delegates from Ritchie County, which has been overrun by the fracking industry.

Send her some encouragement here. (Working on getting an address…) Continue reading “Valentine postcards!”