Postcard Party for Alabama TODAY!

RSVP here to come to today’s fun and inspirational postcard party at 1:00 pm for Alabama!

We had a great time last Thursday and we created almost 300 postcards!

We’re hoping to beat that total today…

Come help encourage Alabama voters to come out for their special election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore on Dec. 12th. These postcards have been requested by the Alabama groups organizing grassroots resistance in their state.

If you can’t make this party, keep watching our “Events” page on We’ll be having more postcard parties and there are also opportunities for canvassing, voter registration and more.

Join in! This is what democracy looks like.

Donations FOR stamps, donations OF stamps, and extra postcards gratefully accepted.

Some examples of our handiwork…


It’s actually fun.


We needed more that one table to hold us all.


In process…


Off they go!



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