The GOP hands over America for 30 pieces of silver.

“There are two ideas of government,” William Jennings Bryan declared in his 1896 Cross of Gold speech. “There are those who believe that if you will only legislate to make the well-to-do prosperous their prosperity will leak through on those below. The Democratic idea, however, has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous their prosperity will find its way up through every class which rests upon them.”

That was more than three decades before the collapse of the economy in 1929. The crash followed a decade of Republican control of the federal government during which trickle-down policies, including massive tax cuts for the rich, produced the greatest concentration of income in the accounts of the richest 0.01 percent at any time between World War I and 2007 (when trickle-down economics, tax cuts for the hyper-rich, and deregulation again resulted in another economic collapse).” (Wapo)(theday)(dailykos)(independent)(VanityFair)(rueters)

Add this to the fact that we’re facing a huge displacement of American workers as automation takes over blue and white-collar jobs and that this tax scam is a nation-wide repeat of a state-wide failed experiment, the chances of a deep recession, or even a depression is incredibly high.

All so a bunch of career political hacks in Washington can please their dark-money masters enough to get re-election campaign funding. Thirty pieces of silver, indeed.

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Step #1. If we defeat it, Trump and the GOP are toast.  Call our own senators!

Tell our Democratic senators to use every maneuver they have to delay the vote.

Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I’m asking Senator [___] commit to withholding consent on votes in the Senate so that we have time to mobilize against the Tax Scam bill, just like they did in the health care fight.

Senator Feinstein: DC (202) 224-3841, LA (310) 914-7300, SF (415) 393-0707, SD (619) 231-9712, Fresno (559) 485-7430

and Senator Harris: DC (202) 224-3553, LA (213) 894-5000, SAC (916) 448-2787, Fresno (559) 497-5109, SF (415) 355-9041, SD (619) 239-3884

Other Senator Contacts:

Step #2. Inspire progressives from GOP-controlled states to fight alongside us.

The holdouts are Collins, McCain, Flake, Corker, Murkowski, Moran, Johnson, Daines, Lankford, and Rand Paul.  REMIND THEM THAT TRUMP IS EVENTUALLY GOING DOWN. DO THEY WANT TO GO DOWN WITH HIM? We will remember who spoke for all of us! CALL NOW!

Use  Indivisible’s call tool –  HubDialer, EVERY DAY, to mobilize progressives in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, West Virginia, and Colorado to call key senators.

The HubDialer is a peer-to-peer dialing tool. Once you sign in, you can start making calls immediately to progressive voters in these states who could use some encouragement. You’ll get a script to make it easy to remind them why this fight against the #TrumpTaxScam is so important and to ask them to call their Senators to express their opposition. This awesome calling tool then allows you to patch them through right to their Senator’s office. You can also click on the state names above for specific details of losses their citizens will face if this terrible bill passes.

It’s super easy: 2,233 Indivisible volunteers across the country dialed 320,552 Calls to Kill TrumpCare tool to encourage constituents in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and Colorado to call their Republican senators and tell them to vote no on Graham-Cassidy. And we won. We can win this time, too, with your help.

Step #3. Get your friends and family to call. Just tell them to call 1-855-980-2350 for lots of toll-free communication.

  • Indivisible has set up a toll-free number to make it easier to call yourSenators at 1-855-980-2350. That number will connect you or your family to one of your Senators and, if you call back again, it’ll automatically connect you to your other Senator.
  • If you have a Republican Senator, use our call scripts to inform your conversation. Republicans need to hear just how much you hate this bill.
  • Susan Collins, ME (202) 224-2523
    Bob Corker, TN (202) 224-3344
    Jeff Flake, AZ (202) 224-4521
    Ron Johnson, WI (202) 224-5323
    James Lankford, OK (202) 224-5754
    Lisa Murkowski, AK (202) 224-6665
    Jerry Moran, KS (202) 224-6521
    John McCain AZ (202) 224-2235

Here are some reasons to urge people to call:

Specific State issues: 

Alaska: Alaska Sen. Murkowski signals support for the GOP tax plan, which would put thousands of Alaskans at risk of losing health coverage

Maine: Low- and middle-income Mainers are counting on Sen. Collins to protect their access to health care again and vote ‘no’ on the GOP tax plan

Ohio: Ohioans will pay the price for Republicans’ bill aimed at funding tax cuts to the rich

Medical/Health Care issues: 

Collins is being played. House Freedom Caucus chair refuses to back reinsurance while other House conservatives voice displeasure with Alexander-Murray

Sneaky Repeal would allow the proliferation of skimpy health plans that often don’t cover basic needs and leave consumers mired in debt

GOP tax bill will end cancer treatment for Medicare patients

CBO: The GOP tax plan would cause 13 million more Americans to be uninsured, EVEN if bipartisan stabilization and reinsurance bills are also enacted.

To fund tax cuts for the rich, Congress is cutting a tax credit that helped patients with rare diseases access innovative, affordable treatments

Destroying Healthcare for 13 Million

Slashing Medicare and Social Security to Pay for Tax Cuts

The GOP tax bill will exacerbate income inequality that, in turn, will have significant repercussions on people’s health and the health care system

General issues: 

AARP: 5.2 million seniors could see taxes increased by GOP bill

Only the Top 1% (and Trump) will Benefit.

Ending Innovation by Destroying Higher Education

Attacking Programs that Help Veterans

Exploding the Deficit by $1.5 Trillion

Cutting the Estate Tax Will Not Save Family Farms but Will Make Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Richer.

Trashing the Environment to Pay for Tax Cuts

Ending Charitable Giving

Cutting Corporate Taxes Will Not Boost American Wages.

Billions to Foreign Businesses but Not to Americans

Modeling the Failed Kansas Experiment

The $4000-$9,000 Lie to Middle Class Families

Alternate Minimum Tax and Estate Tax Giveaways

Eliminate State and Local Tax Deduction

Step #4. Per the “Daily Show”, tweet to Donald Trump that Obama thanks him for his awesome tax cuts.

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