Here’s the latest in the fight for Alabama. There’s lots we can do to help.

Helping from far away or in Alabama…

#1. Help Color of Change get people registered.

Today, Monday, Nov. 27th, until 11:59 p.m., is the deadline for Voter Registration. News outlets are calling this race a statistical tie between Doug Jones, who prosecuted KKK members for killing four little girls in a church bombing,  and Roy Moore, a racist, homophobe and accused predatory pedophile. This is why we need to mobilize right now. Tomorrow will be too late. Help Color of Change pay for digital ads encouraging people to register.

They’ve been testing ads for the past few days, and they estimate that they can get 5 new Alabama voters to an online registration page for about $10.

If enough of us chip in, we can register thousands of voters in the next 24 hours and shift the tides of this race.

Help reach 5 new Alabama voters before the deadline ($10)

Help reach 20 new Alabama voters before the deadline ($40)

Help reach 50 new Alabama voters before the deadline ($100)

…or donate another amount.

#2. Tell you friends and relatives in Alabama to Register! Pass this information on in your social media!

Monday, NOVEMBER 27 is the last day to in !

Do it here online or download the form and mail it:

If you’ll be 18 by Election Day (Dec. 12), you can register now.

#3. Do people you know have questions? Help them get the information they need! 

#4. People can’t vote if they can’t get to the polls!

Donate to Allied Progressive Front’s awesome Multi-City Voter Transport fund. Click here to help fund large buses and smaller buses/vans to aid Alabama’s Democratic Party leaders in counties across the state in their efforts to transport voters to the polls on election day, Dec 12th.

#5. Help support Doug Jone’s campaign.

#6. Sign up to text voters.

Monday we’ll be texting people to register to vote since the deadline to register is the end of today. After that we’ll be doing voter contact texting through Election Day: sign up to text voters here.  Questions about texting, voting, etc… click here .

#7. Sign up to phonebank.

Sign up to phonebank here. (works via Hubdialer system). Phone Banking will be available Tuesdays 11/28, 12/5 and then GOTV Sat 12/9, Sun 12/10, Mon 12/11 & Tues 12/12 before election day.

#8. Join local postcard writing parties or start your own.

If you live in Alabama…

#9.  Give a ride/Get a ride!

Can you give a ride to someone else?
– Email to: rides@dougjonesforsenate (or make a donation)
– Click here for the local chapter.

Do you need a ride?
– Click here for your local Democratic Rep.
– Click here for the local chapter.

#10. Volunteer to be a poll-watcher on Dec. 12th.

Serve as a poll-watcher on election day. There is training next week and it will be available as a webinar, too. If you are able or know others who may be able to serve as poll observers, Alabamians preferably, please sign up (or ask them to sign up) here.

Our work is cut out for us…

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