Democracy can look a lot like a bus…

UPDATED UPDATE: EIGHT COUNTIES! Double from this morning!

Allied Progressive Front has received enough funding for voter-transport buses to EIGHT counties so far!  Please share this on your social media as a great way for people to make a donation that has tangible results!

Postcard parties continue! 

Click here for details.

Session 5 — Monday, Nov 20, 2017 – 7:00 PM

Session 6 — Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 at 2:00 PM

More to be scheduled! Stay tuned!

Give a Dollar for Doug.

Donate to Doug Jones campaign directly:…

Donate to Allied Progressive Front’s Transportation for Voters campaign.

Transportation to the polls is a HUGE issue in Alabama.

APF is raising funds to pay for “big bus” transportation for Alabama Democrats on Dec 12th to vote for Doug Jones and eliminate Roy Moore in their Special Election.

$27,500 will pay for 25 buses at $1100 each to help provide transportation for Alabama’s Democrats in need to get them to the polls on December 12th.  Each bus holds 55 people and will make numerous round trips.  We estimate that we can safely transport approximately 335 people per bus on Election Day.

 10 buses = 3,350 more Democrats to the polls!
25 buses = 8,375 more Democrats to the polls!
40 buses = 13,400 more Democrats to the polls!

Write Postcards!

Postcards To Voters is the real deal. Everyone likes a decorated postcard!

In Ventura, you can join postcard-writing parties. Click here for details. More times and sites are being arranged. Stay tuned for updates.

If you’d like to participate by yourself, or start postcard parties with your neighbors and friends: Text HELLO to 484 ASK ABBY (484 275-2229). Receive talking points and addresses. Write and send your postcards. Get Started Today! To join, you may also email:

 Make Phone calls to Voters.

Are you a registered voter in Alabama?

Verify your voter registration before Nov 27. This site can also be used find polling place and other info. Help others register and pledge to vote. Please share this site far and wide:

Have you lost your right to vote from a past conviction? Get it back!

“Alabama partners, @southerncenter @splcenter @AlaAppleseed @AlabamaArise @ACLUAlabama, here is a toolkit to help individuals determine their rights to vote regardless of past conviction: Alabama Voting Rights Restoration Toolkit via @campaignlegal”

More Info.:

From Doug Jones’ website:

I’ll take those values to the U.S. Senate and work hard for all the people of Alabama:

  • Everyone has the right to quality, affordable health care.
  • We must restore Alabama’s trust for its elected leaders.
  • I will defend a woman’s right to choose and stand with Planned Parenthood.
  • All children deserve a first-class education regardless of where they live.
  • College must be affordable without burdening a student with overwhelming debt.
  • I believe in science and will work to slow or reverse the impact of climate change.
  • It is past time we raise the minimum wage to a livable wage.
  • Women must be paid an equal wage for equal work at all levels.
  • Voter suppression is unAmerican – we must protect voting rights.
  • Discrimination cannot be tolerated or protected. America is best when it builds on diversity and is welcoming of the contributions of all.

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