This bill is locked in a committee desert. Unlike our water, which will soon be sucked out from under a real desert. Pile it on. Last day. Hail Mary Pass!

YES on AB 1000 “The California Desert Protection Act”

Minimal Script: My name is _____________ and I am from ____________. I’m calling Senator Lara in his capacity as the chair of the Senate Appropriations committee and asking him to do the right thing and get AB 1000 out of his committee and back on the floor for a vote. TODAY!

Contact info. for Senator Lara: Phone: (916) 651-4033

Contact info. for Kevin de León:  (916) 651-4024 (Ask him to go knock on Lara’s door! They’re in this together.)

Contact Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson: (916) 651-4019 (Ask her to go knock on his door!)

Other Senator Contacts

Senate leader Kevin de León and Senate collegue Ricardo Lara, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee held this bill hostage in committee. They are both being thanked by private water company Cadiz for helping them destroy our desert for their profit.

Cadiz, supported by the Trump administration, wants to fast track this project without environmental review.  They say that the aquifer’s water recharge rate is 32,000 acre feet per year and proposes to export an average of 50,000 acre feet of groundwater from the region each year over a 50-year period. However, scientists say the recharge rate is less than 5,000 acre feet per year. This bill would strengthen Conprotections for our ecologically fragile Mojave Desert by ensuring any water transfers from desert groundwater basins do not adversely affect the region’s natural or cultural resources, including vital groundwater or habitat.)

More Info.:
Bill would cure massive Cadiz desert water project (theSun)
Friedman Unveils Bill to Protect the Mojave Desert (
Bill Status (Legiscan)

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