Remember the 49.

remember the 49

In case you haven’t tuned in yet, the Senate’s latest vote against any reasonable form of healthcare for their fellow Americans did not go well for them.

However, 49 senators did vote to destroy our healthcare system, despite the months of direct messages from those who would be harmed, including the insurance industry and their own constituents.

They may turn to the cameras and say that their vote was just a placeholder. They will say that they were just trying to get to a group hug with the House, where an equally cruel and callous group of people was waiting to…well, there is the question. The company line is that then the REAL bill would have been forged, and it would have been “AWESOME!“, because both houses have just been toying with us so far. However, would you trust Paul Ryan not to go for the obvious and easy win of just signing this monstrosity off for Trump to sign?

Remember these 49. They were willing to risk your lives.

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