And now the envelope for “The Most Corrupt Political Nominee”, please…


As McConnell was signing off last night from his colossal failure to pass any GOP healthcare bill, he mentioned in passing that he was now going to concentrate on getting nominees passed. So we should probably concentrate on getting them stopped.

(UPDATE) Read this!

Trump has presented us with soooo many inappropriate choices, so let’s just alphabetize them for convenience. If we’ve missed any, please contact us in the comments.

David J. Apol  – New Head of the Office of Government Ethics. (Missed this one – he’s in).
He’s already been named by President Trump last week as the new head of the Office of Government Ethics, has repeatedly clashed with colleagues over his career at the agency as he sought to roll back or loosen ethics requirements on federal employees, including those in the White House, three former senior officials at the agency said.

Amy Coney BarrettJudicial nominee for the US Court of Appeals (LIFETIME!)
 The Alliance for Justice (AFJ) is calling for Trump to withdraw this nomination after Barrett, a religious extremist, declared that the bible takes precedent over the Constitution. Let’s join the AFJ in asking the White House to withdraw Barrett’s nomination and also let our Senators know that, if the nomination goes ahead, we oppose Barrett for US Court of Appeals. (Call your Senators)

Brian A. BenczkowskiHead of the Criminal Division of the DOJ
Brian A. Benczkowski, has Russian ties which he has disclosed.  Our Senator Feinstein is not convinced.
“It is clear to me that Mr. Benczkowski is knowledgeable about issues related to an ongoing investigation. So I asked before this hearing if he would commit himself to recusing—not only from cases involving Alfa Bank as his former client, but also matters within Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. He would not commit to recusing himself. I’m concerned with his refusal, especially given the position for which he has been nominated. So I look forward to hearing from the witness on this point. Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.”

“…he has not been admitted to practice before the Court he has been nominated to join.”

“He has only been chief counsel in two cases that have reached final appellate or trial court decisions. Mr. Chairman, I have serious concerns about whether this nominee is qualified at this point in his career to serve on the court to which he has been nominated.”  

Let’s tell our Senators to oppose Benczkowski. Right now we have too many open questions about people with links to Russia to add another one to the mix.
(Call your Senators)

Sam BrownbackState Dept. Ambassador at large for internation religious freedom.

One part of us is happy that he’ll be far, far away from Kansas and won’t be able to hurt it anymore. The other part is horror at what we’ll unleash on a world-wide stage.
“If confirmed, Brownback’s new job will be to promote religious freedom abroad as a US foreign policy objective. According to the State Department’s website, it’s the ambassador’s office’s job to monitor “religious persecution and discrimination worldwide, recommend and implement policies in respective regions or countries, and develop programs to promote religious freedom.” According to the Kansas City Star, Brownback is best known for introducing conservative abortion restrictions, welfare reforms, gun laws, and a disastrous tax cutting plan”.(Call your Senators)

Lee Francis CissnaHead of the Dept. of US Citizen and Immigration Services
“More than 300 immigration advocacy groups urge senators to oppose the nomination of Lee Francis Cissna to head the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services…”  Let’s tell our senators to oppose Cissna for Immigration. (Call your Senators)

Sam ClovisUndersecretary of Research, Education and Economics.
Sam Clovis is neither a scientist, nor does he accept that climate change is real Let’s be sure our Senators know that this is not someone who should serve as the USDA’s top science position and that we know there are better qualified candidates.
(Call your Senators)

Michael Dourson Head of the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention
Let’s tell our Senators that we have concerns about Dourson’s ties to the chemical industry and ask them to ask good questions about this at his hearing. We can read an environment assessment about Dourson here(Call your Senators)

Kevin Newsom – U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Alabama
Tell your senators to oppose the nomination of Kevin Newsom for the . As noted in this Politico article, Newsom is part of Trump’s broader attacks on civil rights. The vote is expected today at 5:30pm ET.

Roy MooreRunning for Jeff Session’s seat in the Senate
Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore says that “Islam is a false religion” and defied the Supreme Court’s directives to allow gay marriage, which got him booted from his job and available to take advantage of Jeff’s old seat in the Senate. The primary election is scheduled for Aug. 15, the primary run-off will be on Sept. 26 and the final election will take place on a December 12, 2017 special election.  We can read about all of the candidates at ballotopedia:  Let’s commit to help the opponents of this advocate for the return of “God’s Law”.

Mark SerranoPolitical Commentator on Fox Business Network AND on Trump’s payroll for his 2020 campaign.
Ethics has never been a strong suit of Trump, nor those who work with/for him.     Let’s tell our MoCs that it is past time to come up with legislation so that ethics plays a more prominent role in our government.

Damien SchiffUS Court of Federal Claims (LIFETIME!)
Schiff is infamous for his extremist opinions both in and out of the courtroom. On his anonymous blog, Schiff called Supreme Court Justice Kennedy a “judicial prostitute,” accused a California school district of “teaching ‘gayness’ in public schools,” and opposed both Lawrence v. Texas (the landmark Supreme Court ruling that decriminalized homosexual sex) and the legalization of adoptions by same-sex couples. There should be no place for him on one of the highest courts in the country. Let’s join in letting our senators know they should vote no when Schiff comes up for confirmation.
(Call your Senators)


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