This week in resistance – No rest for the wicked and no recess for us…

“We are a country, I believe, full of determination, hope, and compassion. We cannot and will not stay silent on something that fundamentally challenges our values.
I am determined to fight this bill.
I am hopeful that our leaders will listen.
I believe our American values can prevail when we join together in the fight for the lives of every American.
I know we can do this together.
Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”
(From Connie Britton)

Remember, as we leave the 4th of July behind, that this country was born of resistance and that revolutionaries were the first patriots. So wave your flags proudly, as our movement is as American as it gets… Conservatives…well, recently, even the words of that revolution made them kind of nervous.

Rachel Maddow talks about how people are finding their inner revolutionary, starting at 4:16. Ezra Levin of Indivisible drops in for a chat at 16:00…“It’s not just Democrats standing up against this bill. …This bill has an approval rating that’s less than 20% for a reason. …You should look at what’s going on around you, see that people are standing up and making their voices heard and stand up yourself….This isn’t just about health care. This is a massive social justice issue. If you look throughout history and wonder “what would I do if I were alive back then, would I stand up?”  The answer is what you’re doing right now...”

Samatha Bee adds some levity to the whole issue.

However, our easily bored President is tired of waiting for his will to be done…

In other non-healthcare news…
Our President is over in Europe this week at the G-20 conference, mixing it up with unimpressed world leaders, sending hostile tweets to those back a home and wishing that he had a real hotel room. Putin assured Trump that Russia had nothing to do with the Russian hacking of our election system, despite evidence to the contrary. (Read it here for yourself). Putin also has nothing to do with the estimated 150 Russian spies  in our country.  Or the hacking efforts into our nuclear plants.


In election news, 44 states got feisty and refused to send Kobach complete dossiers on all their voters. However, the DOJ sent out a far more ominous letter  in the cause of supressing voters.

#grandparentsNotTerrorists:  Hawaii lost its first round of challenging the restrictions of the ban, specifically the definition of “close family”.

Environmental issues:
Check out this list of environmental rollbacks so far…
Check out this weeks “Calvin’s List

(from WTFJHT) ICE officers were told to take action against all undocumented immigrants they encounter while on duty, regardless of their criminal histories.

(Rogan’s List) Over a year ago, Slate warned us about that the Koch front, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), was urging the use of state “preemption” laws to undermine decisions reached by city governments: Paul Ryan  claims that “Government closest to the people governs best,” and yet they are  working hard to undermine the ability of cities to pass local control of (so far) minimum wage and paid leave laws, fracking bans, sanctuary city policies, public broadband initiatives, LGBTQ rights–both through preemption laws and by holding mayors personally liable. We must find ways to oppose this extremely dangerous trend.

Resistance you can do without disturbing the cat…


Make your calls!
This is the most important political act you can make sitting down.
(unless, of course, you’re sitting in your senator’s office and corridor…)
Here’s a link to our Indivisible #101 page on “Making Calls”. We tell you where to get the information for calls, FAQ’s about calling, and tips if calling makes you nervous.

Are your senators dodging calls and hiding behind full voicemail barriers?
Email every one of your legislators’ staffers on the list and bury them in emails. Tell your story and let them know how repealing the ACA will affect you and your family. Keep it personal to you. We want to speak individually so each story is unique. Put the email addresses in the BCC field. Click here for the staff list. (Thanks, Avrom!)

Stamp your money!
Ben and Jerry (Yes, the ice cream guys!), would like you to stamp your money! For $15, you get this stamp, and are in the drawing for a year’s supply of their ice-cream.


Write to the Interior Department before July 10th!
We’re coming to end of the public comment period on Trump and Ryan Zinke’s unprecedented review of our national monuments. They’re talking about rolling back these designations and putting these shared spaces in jeopardy. Let’s make sure the Interior Department hears from us before July 10th. We can find tips and a way to submit here.

Sign this petition!
Close the Prop 13 loophole that gave tax breaks for huge corporations. This one loophole robs $9 billion every year from our schools, hospitals and local services! (We’re not usually big petition fans, but this one has a very targeted and possibly receptive audience.)

Jam his Brand!

From Send a “Letter to the Editor” Opposing the Senate Health Care Bill.
Can you help speak out for quality, affordable health care and send a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper? (Don’t worry—we’ve made it very easy for you. Just click on the link and we’ll walk you through the whole process)

From Tell us your childcare story.
The good, the bad, the complicated – we want to hear it! Personal experiences are powerful and can make a HUGE difference in helping elected leaders understand why supporting access to high-quality, affordable childcare is so important. Click here.

From Tell the FDA to stop delaying menu labeling.
Eighty percent of Americans support menu labeling in chain restaurants, and 81% support having restaurants provide information about prepared foods. Can you join us in speaking out? The FDA is accepting comments on this proposal through early August. Menu labeling gives parents the information they need to make healthy choices for their families. Click here.

From Tell your complicated pregnancy or birth story.
Have you experienced unsatisfactory care or access to care when it came to maternity and/or birth? Share your thoughts and experiences with MomsRising and we’ll include it in materials we use to educate our nation and decisionmakers about the maternal health problem in this country as we work to ensure that the health of women and their children are made a priority! Click here.

Share your health care story.
We all have a healthcare story to tell – so share yours! Head over to, which is a project of the Center for American Progress. There, you can write your personal story and read stories from fellow Americans that oppose this cruel bill. Stories from that site have been picked up by news outlets and amplified. You can also tweet your story to @ourlives or add your own “twibbon” to your Facebook profile pic.

Learn how to be more resilient for the Resistance.

(Michelle at Small Deeds Done)
“…today we’re going to talk exclusively about creating a Resilient Resistance.
Basically, the resilience of a system – like this activist movement – is its ability to bounce back. I think we can all agree that our resilience has been tested a lot more than anyone expected. We are at one of the most difficult and historic times in our nation’s history. That’s not hyperbole. History books (if they aren’t all burned) will describe this time in our lives with fiery adjectives and a lot of pictures of pissed off women in pussy hats.

So it’s okay to be off balance and a little confused and wondering HOW THE HELL WE GOT HERE.
But part of being healthy individually and collectively is fostering our ability to bounce back. How do we do that?…” Click here.

Share some resistance inspiration with your friends.

Remember to recharge…here are some new self-care resources!

This first rejuvenating activity is an interactive flow chart for people who struggle with self care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals. It’s designed to take as much of the weight off of you as possible, so each decision is very easy and doesn’t require much judgment. Click here.

Develop your own self-care plan. Click here.

Resources/Recommended reading:

The far-right’s plan for America is to suppress the majority – BOOKMARK THIS!
The far-right’s plan for America is to suppress the majority
The president is failing his “basic duty to defend the country
An interesting glimpse into relations between Congress and the president
Dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency
The difference between benevolent and hostile sexism
The primary difference in thinking of liberals and conservatives.
“Donald Trump is depending on people’s fatigue…”
What happened to America’s wealth?
Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems.

(Thanks to Connie Britton, Avrom Altman, Michele at Small Deeds Done, Rogan’s List, Jen Hofmann, and all the other inspiring sources from the internet.)

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