This Week In Resistance – “The Empire Strikes Back” Edition

As you know, the Senate 13 have crept into the daylight with a “healthcare” bill which will  destroy the middle and lower classes, as well as the elderly, special needs children and people with HIV or disabilities.

Here’s what our Secretary of Health and Human Services DOESN’T have to say about it…

A nice overview from Seth Meyers…

What will happen if this monster passes, even in a slightly modified form? What will happen when we add millions more to our uninsured population, which is guaranteed by the GOP legislation?

Well, here we are, looking very 3rd world nation-ish…

The Guardian: “Right now, nearly 33 million Americans – more than 10% of the country’s population – have no health insurance. While the very poorest are entitled to Medicaid coverage, millions more narrowly fail to qualify, but remain too poor to pay for private health insurance. Minor treatments such as fillings and eye tests are often not covered by basic healthcare plans. Even finding local doctors who accept Medicaid can be so challenging that it can seem easier just to work through the pain or to self-medicate.”

This is what medical treatment looks like for this 10% and those hovering near the limits, if they’re lucky. This is the “Waiting Room.”4200
Here is the “Exam Room.”3799-full.jpg
For those who imagine this taking place only in backwoods isolation, this lower picture is  of a clinic at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, run by volunteer doctors, dentists and other health care professionals who treated over a thousand uninsured people seeking free medical and dental care during a seven-day clinic put on by Remote Area Medical, the Tennessee-based group that travels the country.

It won’t be this bad. Stop exaggerating!

We’ve already had a real-life experiment in cutting Medicare funding. It was a cruel failure. Imagine this expanded to 49 more states.

OK, so who will be the biggest losers? Just poor people, right?

The Medicaid cuts will hit our elderly population especially hard and even the upper middle class will not escape its effects.  From the NY Times: “Alice Jacobs, 90, once owned a factory and horses. She raised four children and buried two husbands.
But years in an assisted living center drained her savings, and now she relies on Medicaid to pay for her care at Dogwood Village, a nonprofit, county-owned nursing home here.”
“You think you’ve got enough money to last all your life, and here I am,” Ms. Jacobs said.” 


A semi-private room in California costs an average of $91,000/year. A private room costs approximately $112,000. (2016 )

Currently, Medicaid pays for most of the 1.4 million elderly people in nursing homes. It covers 20% of all Americans and 40% of poor adults.

So, how will cuts in Medicaid affect you if you’re not poor or elderly?

  • Do you have parents? States will make it harder to qualify them for nursing home care. They will have to be more disabled, which may impact you if it isn’t safe for them to live alone.
  • States might allow nursing homes to require resident’s families to pay for a portion of their care. This will be a huge burden for middle-aged people, already being asked to pay larger insurance premiums for themselves. Remember, insurers will get to charge them 5 times as much as young people, instead of  the current 3 times. That’s going to hurt…
  • States could limit the types of services and days of nursing home care they pay for. Adult children would need to step in to help.. Once again, a new burden.
  • What about the elderly who outlive their relatives and their savings, have no family and need assistance? Ooooh, that’s a hard one. Park bench, anyone?

Someday, we too will be elderly. Who will speak for us?

For those who never before thought about a tent as a doctor’s waiting room, try to imagine nursing homes when states have very limited Medicaid funding. How will states take care of the huge aging baby-boomer population with less money than they have now? Maybe something like this? Do you want a window or an aisle bed?


Reports from the battlefront:

The War on the Rest of Us was fought in the a congressional hallway by a cohort of resistance warriors from ADAPT as they staged a die-in at Mitch McConnell’s office.

One of the many warriors for Planned Parenthood talks about her battle.

Someone with a potential to knock out Paul Ryan.

More Reports:

OHIO: When their Senator Rob Portman wouldn’t hold a town hall, his constituents took a six hour bus ride to Washington DC to chat with him personally.

ARKANSAS: Protestors parked themselves comfortably at Senator Tom Cotton’s door.

COLORADO: Indivisible chapters held a sit-in at their Senator’s offices, and Denver protestors making protest phone calls while protesting.

NEW YORK CITY protests!


PHILADELPHIA: They’ve organized a 24-hour vigil.

WEST VIRGINIA: Mom fights for her daughter’s healthcare.

UTAH: Utahns Rally!




SUPPORTERS in 20 states held more than 60 Pink Out The Night rallies.

CROWDS gathered at DCA airport to confront Republican Senators flying home for the weekend.

So what should I do? It looks like all these other people have things under control. 

You need to make calls. Every damn day. Same script every day. Yes, it counts. No, don’t go calling all the senators. Just yours. Get your friends and family to call theirs.
Here are all the phone #’s they’ll

If you don’t know who your local resistance group is, look here. Otherwise, tune in to or for our daily actions, complete with phone numbers and scripts.

Check out our tiny for scripts for both red and blue senators, tips for those who hate calling, and descriptions of weird terms like “withholding consent”.

Write an amendment for the “Vote-a rama”!

( Got a Democratic Senator? You’ve still got work to do. As mentioned above, one of the final stages of the TrumpCare bill is a little-known process known as “vote-a-rama” where ANY Senator can submit as many amendments as he or she wants. And here’s the thing: EVERY amendment takes time to be introduced and voted on. We’re collecting THOUSANDS of amendments and submitting them directly to Senate staff.
Add your own here.

“But, California is getting its own health care plan. We don’t need to worry about this…”

First, our California escape pod is experiencing some technical difficulties…


Today Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon decided unexpectedly to hold up SB 562 in the Assembly Rules Committee, where it has been since the Senate passed it by a majority vote on June 1st. Rendon’s action prevents SB 562 from being assigned to an Assembly committee for a hearing, effectively stopping it in its tracks.

Health Care for All – CA , in solidarity with the Healthy California coalition, considers this heavy-handed move a betrayal of the Assembly Speaker’s responsibility to the needs of all Californians for guaranteed health care.

We suspect opposition to the bill from the healthcare industry and/or the governor has played a role in this decision. We call on every supporter of SB 562 to contact Speaker Rendon’s office and demand that the Assembly consider SB 562.

Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly (D-63)
916-319- 2063
Twitter: @Rendon63rd

Here is Speaker Rendon’s statement.

The future of the bill is uncertain. Rendon has referred to the possibility of the Senate taking the bill back and working on it more, possibly to include financing, then returning the bill to the Assembly. The bill could then become a two-year bill. An article in the Intercept today noted opposition to the bill by Governor Jerry Brown. Dr. Paul Song, a leader in the Healthy California coalition, is quoted saying he has heard the governor “is doing everything he can to make sure this never gets on his desk.”

Please, everyone, contact Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon’s office and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Public demand is critical in moving SB 562 forward!

More importantly, we are INDIVISIBLE! We fight for all Americans.


“Don’t fuck with us, don’t fuck without us”    Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Activist
The Senate GP Isn’t Fixing Health Care. They’re Waging Class War.
Who is getting rich off the Secret Health Care Overhaul?
James McGill Buchanan’s Terrifying Vision of Society


National Indivisible is partnering with MoveOn and other resistance groups to host Resistance Community Cookouts around the country this weekend and next weekend. Want to host a BBQ for your group members and others in the resistance and talk to them about the health care fight and coordinate your activism? Sign up to host

Meet with other Resistance People:

(Thanks to Rogans’s List, Alison and Stephanie, and all the rest of the internet which still works pretty fast for us.)

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