This Week in Resistance – “True Lies” Edition!

It was National Comey Day!

We’re going to start out with the closest thing to accurate news commentary we’re going to find…

Stephen Colbert starts us off:

Then Seth Meyers:

This week,  James Comey, disgruntled ex-employee of the FBI, had a HR hearing about his terrible and corrupt boss in front of the known world.
It can be summed up in this neat bit of informational haiku by Adam Schiff:
adam schiff

The Republican response is now pretty much this:

Kaivan Shroff

McCain’s interesting sideshow is best described here:

However, for those who want the full transcript of the day, we have that (here) 
Here are some of our favorites articles…
Countable’s “5 Things You Need to Know about Comey’s testimony
The Worst Thing that Happened To Donald Trump Last Week.
John Hodgeman’s Twitterverse reimaging
Wonkette’s always interesting spin
Comey’s calculated strategy to get a Special Counsel
Trump’s continued disinterest in Russia’s threat to our country
Russian agents hacked US voting system manufacturer before US election – report
Extra credit for English majors: Comey’s testimony or “The Remains of the Day

“The Mayor of London’s on the phone, something about tweets…”

Earlier this week, Trump continued his twitter campaign of disrespect to European leaders, and one feisty mayor in particular, which led Samantha Bee to lay a little history lesson on us all.

“Something’s up when they’re REALLY quiet…” says Every Mother Everywhere.

Nancy Pelosi

While we’ve been distracted, GOP Senators have been really quietly hatching a plan to throw the 23 million Americans off the island. Indivisible Ventura and others are planning a 3-week battle plan to get their attention. Remember:

Says Ezra Levin of Indivisible: “Never forget, there’s a time limit on this presidency. Every day your Indivisible group is successfully resisting is one less day that Trump (“and his flying monkeys” – we add) can do damage to the country. Keep standing indivisible, and we’ll keep standing with you. Together, we will win.”

The Healthcare industry effects 1/6th of our economy. You, your family and friends will be effected by this…please join in for our 3 week phone battle! Every phone call is counted and is important.

Here’s the impact of Trumpcare by State
Here’s what to say to that Trumpcare fan in your circle of family and friends.

Meanwhile, John Ossoff’s election is getting closer. This is what’s at stake…

Here’s a translation of what Karen Handel said…

Join Ventura County’s Resistance Groups in helping get out the vote for John Ossoff. He leads by just one point. Who shows up at the polls will make all the difference.
Sunday, 6/11 3-5 Camarillo
Saturday 6/17 10-12pm Ventura
Please bring your laptop/iPad/tablet AND your fully charged cellphone and your phone charger. No experience necessary. We’re happy to train you.

This was SUPPOSED to be “Infrastructure Week…

“Privatization of Air traffic Control (“ATC”): The major domestic carriers all support the privatization plan, with the notable exception of Delta Air Lines. Delta released a study in 2016 indicating such a move could increase traveler costs by 20 to 29 percent.“Proponents have claimed that privatization would lead to cost savings for consumers,” the study stated. “But no evidence has yet been produced to show that privatization would reduce costs. In fact, nations that have privatized ATC have seen operational costs increase at a much higher rate than has been seen in the U.S. under the FAA.”

Trump insists that it will be cheaper.  We know from the past that he doesn’t rely on good data.  He can’t privatize without consent of Congress. Let’s ask Congress to propose a private study to determine if this benefits our travel or hinders it before we act on such an extreme change. Let’s get the facts.

Trump’s Billionaire Infrastructure Scam.
The Incoming Privatization Assault
Please Don’t Run this Country Like a Business.

Great Readings:

Women Who Died for the Right to Vote.
What to Do When You don’t Know What’s Next.
Why Poor Whites Chant “Trump, Trump...”
The blue states and cities are beginning to chart their own course
Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere
Corruption is Legal in America.


Sorting through the Russian Investigations

Calvin’s Eco List for those interested in environmental issues and actions

In February, Fortune published photographs of how the US looked before the EPA.

The Movement For Black Lives will be hosting a political education webinar on Wednesday, July 14th. This webinar will focus on “community control as it relates to land, gender justice, policing and participatory budgeting”.

2017 Juneteenth, the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States, is coming up on Monday, June 19th. This event, hosted by the Movement For Black Lives, will focus on reclaiming space that has been denied to Black communities.

Representatives from, Last Real Indians, Enlace and the Student Divestment Network will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, June 13th at 2:00pm to discuss divestment strategies and tactics. If you want to learn more about divestment, you can sign up here.


Republicans in Congress who continually block investigations about Trump’s business dealings, his policies, and his ties to Russia. 

Which are the REAL “alt” and “rogue” Twitter accounts and which are fakes? Fortunately, Snopes has done the work for us: Let’s follow the verified accounts.

Indivisible Ventura Resource Link Library 

If you haven’t done this already – Get your calls to action directly to your phone – download Indivisible Ventura’s brand-spankin’ new Mobile App! The easiest way to make your daily calls! Click here to download!

(Thanks to Rogan’s List, Postcards from Kate, Michelle at Small Deeds Done,  Alison and Stephanie and others)

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