Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News! …Starting with the Environment!

Good News for the Environment!

Scotty and the Environmental Protection Agency are continuing to count and post our comments, long after the deadline of May 15th!  Our requests to keep the existing EPA protections for our air, water, toxins and global warming now number 369,037! When the total reached 55,000, it was news. Waiting for the next media update!

Americans have already registered 134,296 comments about National Monuments. Join in with as many as you can think of! The deadline is Jul 10 2017, at 11:59 PM ET.

Our dumpster-fire of a President has disappointed us again by pulling out of the Paris Accord. There’s good news however… Carbon emissions remained flat in 2016. Hopefully, it’s the beginning of a downward trend.

China and all 28 EU states reaffirmed their commitment to fully implement the Paris Climate Agreement. India canceled the creation of huge coal power stations, moving instead toward more affordable solar energy.

Exxon must produce documents showing how much it’s known about global warming.

California, New York and Washington have formed a coalition called the United States Climate Alliance. These three states hold a fifth of the US population and GDP, while only producing 11% of emissions. The “World’s Most Ambitious Target” to Go 100% Renewables just passed the California Senate.

Michael Bloomberg is coordinating a group of corporations, colleges, and mayors who are negotiating their own climate plan directly with the U.N.

Phoenix, Arizona announced plans to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

Protesters held rallies outside the White House and across the country. got involved too…because they could.

150 mayors representing 47 million Americans have pledged to uphold the Paris Agreement, the so-called “climate mayors” announced in a statement.

Good News for Immigration!

JFA’s Shannon Lopez helped organize a great Citizenship Fair, where lawyers and volunteers worked together with immigrants to fill out the 20 page application forms and get them ready for submission to the USCIS.
Here’s my first applicant! We had a great time as we ate delicious tamales and worked our way through interesting questions like “Between March 23, 1933 and May 8th, 1945, did you work for or associate in any way with the Nazi government of Germany?” and “Were you ever involved in any of the following: A. Genocide B. Torture, etc….” (No, really!)

After today’s efforts, the applicants will go on to be interviewed and tested on their knowledge of US civics.
There will be another fair on July 30th at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center. Indivisible Ventura will publish additional details and times for training for volunteers if you missed the first one. Don’t miss it…this is a great experience! You don’t have to speak a foreign language. All of us who were there will be coming back.
If you haven’t seen any clips of their final lap, the naturalization ceremony, here’s one. These always makes me tear up, because this is what’s so absolutely cool about being an American.

Meanwhile, back in the wider world…

State Department lifts its limits on refugee quotas.

45’s travel ban is found unconstitutional (again).

Texans are supporting immigrant rights and opposing anti-immigrant legislation.

Americans raised over $55,000 in one day to support four kids whose parents are being held by ICE.

Denver is reducing deportations by making a brilliant change to local laws.

Good News In Politics!

CA was on fire this week! (No, not literally, that comes later…) The California State Senate passed all kinds of amazing legislation, expanding food stamps, protecting federal lands, reforming bail systems, strengthening family leave, and creating single-payer health care! Let’s hope they all get signed into law.

After initial pushback, Mulvaney will provide transparency on lobbyists’ ethics waivers.

Thanks to bipartisan support, funding preserved to solve the opioid epidemic.

Republicans discuss contempt of court for Flynn.

Clients of financial advisers now have better protections from conflicts of interest.

A US bipartisan coalition condemns persecution of gay Chechens and calls on Russia to intervene.

CT and NV governors signed bills banning conversion therapy for LBGTQ+ youth.

South Carolina kinda snuck this in… They  legalized hemp!!!

Good News On Voting!

The DNC launched a commission to protect democracy and expand voting in the US.

Both NH and NY claimed seats from Republicans last week.

Responding to attack on a journalist, three major Montana newspapers (Billings Gazette, Missoulian, and Independent Record) pulled their endorsements of the GOP candidate.

An encouraging pattern is starting to emerge from recent special elections, and Swing Left’s take on the Montana race is worth reading.

Good News in the Media!

FOX moves to third place in cable news as viewers leave for MSNBC.

FOX’s Sean Hannity is losing advertisers. is seeing a big dip in website traffic.

Netflix’s documentary series The Keepers led Baltimore police to create an easier way for survivors to report sexual abuse.

Good News from our Judges!

Nebraska Supreme Court grants gay couples the right to foster kids.

Good News if you’re paid by the hour!

The Democratic Party introduced legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, following through on their 2016 platform.

Illinois is one step closer to automatically registering voters AND to raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. Another #FightFor15 victory!

Don’t forget how far we’ve come!

…and that we still have a great sense of humor!

“Covfefe” Tweet unites a Nation

…and that great kids have got our back!

High schoolers created their own version of Mariame Kaba’s “Why Protest?” zine, this teenager eloquently educated his class—and the internet—on white fragility, and a group of eighth-graders on a class trip refused to be photographed with Paul Ryan. We love this explanation from a thirteen-year-old:
Let’s say somebody is not nice to me at school, for example. I wouldn’t take a picture with them.”

Good Reads!

A Women’s Movement Grows in the most Trumpian place in America

Why Giving up Hope Is Not An Option

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