Facebook Live Event. You’re invited.

Join us tonight at 8:30 PM ET for a Facebook Live for the latest on recess and saving health care. We’ll be joined by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to answer your questions in real-time on TrumpCare, the CBO score, Russia, and how you can hold your members of Congress accountable this recess.

Our recess priorities: The Trump administration is forcing our movement to play defense on multiple fronts. The fate of the ACA is now in the hands of a Republican-led Senate that has tried to repeal it for 7 years. The connections between the Trump camp and Russian officials are becoming clearer. Trump’s draconian budget proposal is out and on June 7, the House GOP will vote on a bill that would gut protections for families from big Wall Street banks.

As former congressional staffers, here are the things we think you and your local Indivisible team should be prioritizing this Memorial Day recess.
More Info:

  1. Save the ACA: Demand that your Senators work in an open and transparent way and remind them that TrumpCare is as devastating as it is unfixable. Make sure they know that you’re watching and that you won’t accept any support for it. Luckily, Senators Feinstein and Harris are on board, but they appreciate support.
  2. Resist Trump’s billionaire budget: Here are the key messages to make sure your members of Congress hear from you
  3. Get an independent commission on #TrumpRussia: You got the special counsel but it isn’t enough. There’s a bill in the House and Senate that your members of Congress need to support.  Brownley and Carbajal are already signed on.
  4. Protect our families from big banks on Wall Street: On June 7, the House will vote on the CHOICE Act to gut protections for families on main Street from big banks on Wall Street who would do us harm. Tell Reps. Brownley and Carbajal that we support their stand against this bill and pass on the other scripts to friends in red districts.

Indivisible has included town hall/phone call/letter questions for you to use on these four topics. Indivisible Ventura hasn’t found any local town halls yet but please support our sister districts. We’ve been invited to the “Adopt A district Town Hall” in Santa (not-as-far-away-as-you-imagine) Clarita w/Rep. Judy Chu CA 27 standing in for the usually missing Steve Knight.


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