The “Election Integrity” commission WILL suppress voting rights. Call our Attorney General!

Trump continues to claim that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election, despite a complete lack of evidence. He has just set up a commission to investigate election integrity, and has invited Kris Kobach (ACLU calls him “the King of Voter Suppression”) to be vice chair. Kobach’s helped write and pass voter ID laws in multiple states, many have been overturned in court due to their clear discriminatory intent. Given Trump’s complete disregard for Russian interference in our election, this is particularly ironic.

Script: In light of Trump’s newly formed “election integrity” commission, I’m calling to urge California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to commit publicly to preserving voting rights by challenging discriminatory policies, such as voter ID laws, that suppress voting in the name of electoral integrity.

Call CA State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra  800-952-5225

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