EMERGENCY! Wall Street’s privatization of Medicare at our expense is starting now!

The GOP is threatening to hold debt ceiling legislation hostage in order to savage Social Security, Medicare and other safety-net programs. However, the destruction of Medicare is already taking place, off-stage, with corporate entities lining up at the trough with the poisonous ACO-REACH program. Tell Biden to executive order this out of existence and make sure your legislators know you are wise to this threat, or in 7 years, Medicare will be no more.

“The ACO REACH program is Medicare privatization, hidden in layers of bureaucracy. Essentially, seniors are put into this program, which allows a profit-seeking third party like a health insurer or private equity-backed firm to step in and get paid by Medicare to manage the care that they get. Taking for themselves the profit that is whatever they don’t want to spend on the patient.” – U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) 

Dr. Corinne Frugoni explains how commercial insurance companies have been chipping away at our crucial public health programs for decades and the unconscionable profits they realize from Medicare Advantage. Now, the ACO/REACH program will allow third-party middlemen, including the same private equity pirates who wreaked havoc on wheelchair, air ambulance and retail industries, to pocket up to 40% of Medicare dollars in overhead and profit that should be dedicated to patient care, with a goal of completely replacing Traditional Medicare by 2030.

Our voices can change this!

“I learned the hard way. If Wall Street firms are allowed to make decisions about your health care, their profits will always come first.” – Rick Timmins

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Join in the action against Medicare profiteering!

While we’re distracted with abortion rights, the GOP and their Wall Street donors are busy trying ruin something else that we value.

  • Action #1: On May 23, learn more about how corporate vultures plan to privatize Medicare and how to stop them. Share this in your social circles!
  • Action #2: Sign a petition to Joe to stop this nonsense before more vulnerable people are hurt.
  • Action #3: Make a call to Joe to “executive action” this away.
  • Action #4: Call your representative to fight against Trump’s corrupt leftovers.

This action was shared with us by our Ventura County chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP). The nationwide organization’s mission statement is simple:

“The answer to our health care crisis is clear. We propose a publicly financed, non-profit single-payer national health program that would fully cover medical care for all Americans.

The video below explains the ACO REACH program, which was originally proposed by the Trump administration.

  • The GOP says the acronym stands for the Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health. Hmmm…isn’t that what Medicare is already doing?
  • Here’s the real translation – the American Corporations & OligarchsREACHing into and draining our Medicare fund dry. Under this program, private equity and ventura capitalist firms, who have already wreaked havoc on the wheelchair and air ambulance industries, will finally be allowed bring their particular blend of toxic greed to the Medicare trough, right alongside the private insurance companies who are already making bank with their aptly named “Medicare Advantage” plans.

Earlier action with more information here.

Action #1: On May 23, learn more about how corporate vultures plan to privatize Medicare and how to stop them. Share this in your social circles!

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