Mon. 11/30: Tell the Senate to pass the HEROES ACT now!

Update 12/16/2020: The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) announced they will use the power of a voting bloc to force these necessary benefits — extended UI benefits and $1200 cash assistance — to be included in the relief bill. They’re wielding their progressive power and we’ve got to have their backs. Make calls now to your representative and demand that the relief bill include direct cash assistance. 

Right now the GOP is trying to flip the script, saying that House Democrats are responsible for the hold up of stimulus funding.. But the same Senate that gave $1.7 trillion in tax breaks to our richest, proposes crumbs for us, and MORE COVID liability protection for their corporate funders. (See: “Tyson Managers Suspended After Allegedly Betting If Workers Would Contract COVID” and this article from the ACLU. Time to start “skinnying” things up for the 1%!

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Sen. [___] to immediately pass the HEROES Act, along with improvements shown to be necessary as this national emergency deepens. While the Senate has been malingering in their duty to “promote the general Welfare,” 20% of Americans now face food insecurity, a level equivalent to the Great Depression and 40 million people are in danger of being evicted into the twin dangers of the pandemic and winter. At the same time, states are having to cut back on essential services, which will harm the most vulnerable, including children. Here are basic minimums the Senate should secure to put us on the track to recovery. First, DIRECT CASH RELIEF including $1200 cash assistance for adults and $500 for dependents, like under the CARES ACT. THEN:

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Tues 1/8 – Priorities, people! Oppose all legislation in the Senate until the government is re-opened.

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Action – Demand a Clean Government Funding Bill before anything else happens!


What may have started as a mnemonic device to help “candidate Trump” remember  immigration, has morphed into President Trump’s obsessive and racist demands for a real but useless wall, while our country struggles through the third week of a government shutdown. Meanwhile, statistics prove that our greatest threat is not at our southern border, but from dangerous people entering the US through Canada and through our own airports, now staffed with fewer TSA agents, thanks to Trump. The shutdown is hurting our national security in other ways, endangering flight safety, cyber security, and critical weather information. This may be a very, very, very bad time to fly. Continue reading “Tues 1/8 – Priorities, people! Oppose all legislation in the Senate until the government is re-opened.”