Fri – 1/24: We are watching. (2) actions. #RemoveThemAll

Action #1: Our president just bragged on international TV that he withheld everything!

Although Sen. Mitch McConnell pretends his sham of a trial is equivalent to the Clinton trial, that administration actually turned over more than 90,000 pages of documents for congressional inspection, and witnesses testified both during the Starr investigation and at the trial. The Trump administration only revealed call transcripts after the the whistleblower’s report forced them to. Trump then ignored subpoenas and forbade individuals to respond to them and now he’s openly admitted to withholding evidence at the World Economic Forum. Only a senator deeply complicit with the authoritarian regime Trump is forming would refuse to call this “obstruction of congress”.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Senator [___] to remind [his/her] GOP colleagues that we, the vast majority of Americans, want a fair trial with testimony from all the relevant witnesses. We want them to be impartial jurors who are paying attention, not wandering around like cats. This is the bare minimum we expect from those to whom we pay with our taxes, from those who say they are our public servants, from those who’ve taken an oath to uphold “impartial justice” at this trial, and from those who’ve sworn to “support and defend the Constitution,” including from enemies without and authoritarian threats from within.

Action #2: Call your legislators and Roberts – have GOP senator-jurors removed for cause!

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