Sun 12/2: Day of Tears – Not in our name. Rally and Actions.

Today, we take to the public square to remind our neighbors, that amongst the crush of holiday pre-sales to celebrate the birth of a refugee child some 2000 years ago,  grave injustices are happening to refugees at our own border right now.

And today we say…Not in our name.

Action #1 – Come to the rally!

2 pm – 4 pm, today, Sunday at the Ventura County Government Center, at the corner of Victoria Ave.and Telephone Rd. More information here.

Action #2 – Call your legislators to protect refugees

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Fri/Sat – 7/27-28: We have a lot to do for the economic and terrorism refugees on our border, so let’s get started…

This is part 1. Part 2 will be posted on Monday.

Action #1 – Join us at Families Belong together rally this Saturday!

There are things happening now we will not normalize and we will not forget.

Join us this Saturday, July 28th, from 6-8 pm at the Ventura Co. Government Center! Here are the links for information. RSVP and share, share, share on FacebookIf you’re too far away to join our rally, check here to see if there’s one closer to you.

“As a court-ordered deadline to reunite all eligible families the Trump administration separated at the border elapsed, one in three children still remained away from their parents, with no clear indication when they would be reunited.” (CNN)

The Trump administration stated that more than 900 parents are not eligible for reunification and they’d already deported more than 450 parents without their children. This is unacceptable, and we must continue to work together to demand that the Trump administration immediately reunite all families, end family incarceration, and end the 100% prosecution policy that created this crisis and chaos.

  • We DEMAND that Congress establish a task force dedicated to family reunification.
  • We DEMAND that families be provided counseling and any other services they require to deal with the trauma inflicted on them by our own government.
  • We DEMAND that this administration and its various agencies; indeed, ANYONE who had anything to do with this policy, be held accountable for this humanitarian disaster.
  • More talking points to review here.

Action #2 – Contribute to the “I AM A CHILD” movement. 

The I AM A CHILD March in DC on Thursday paid homage to the historic I AM A MAN photo from 1968 when Memphis sanitation workers went on strike for their humanity. This new movement is to remind Americans that ALL children are human beings and deserve to be with their parents. Continue reading “Fri/Sat – 7/27-28: We have a lot to do for the economic and terrorism refugees on our border, so let’s get started…”