Your presence is requested! Come out and fight for our future! Ballot curing and campaigns for Warnock!

Whatever you imagine you would have done during slavery, the Holocaust, or the Civil Rights movement, DO IT NOW!

Every ballot thrown away over a dumb issue like a date or a signature, is a voter that’s been disenfranchised.

(People) “Republican officials in three battleground states are attempting to disqualify thousands of mail-in ballots ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections — with states tossing out ballots due to technicalities, like incomplete dates on envelopes or only partially filled-out witness addresses.

The Washington Post reports on three states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan — where Republicans already have or are attempting to toss out mail-in ballots for various reasons. Those states have tight elections that could come down to a handful of votes.

The results of the elections taking place on Tuesday will determine which political party controls the Senate — and who shapes policies surrounding reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ expression, education and economy at the local, state and federal levels.

Republicans have for years argued that voter laws need to be strengthened in order to protect against voter fraud — even as courts and audits across the country have shown no overwhelming evidence that voter fraud has been significant enough to change the outcome of any recent elections.

Critics of attempts to strengthen voter ID laws and limit absentee ballots argue that they have just one goal: to get rid of as many Democratic ballots as possible.

Push back! Let’s “CURE” ballots of the dread disease of a wrong date, or some such nonsense. These “technical” issues, along with the many voter suppression laws that have been recently passed to somehow fix election denialism, are the new face of Jim Crow. See chart below!

We are adding in information for phone and text banks campaigns for Warnock in the chart below.

Postcard campaigns:

  • Postcarding #1: Postcard Brigade: Send request for cards in (25) lots, need for stamps, and pick-up or snail-mail
  • Postcarding #2: Send Postcards to Young Voters in Georgia for the US Senate Runoff here.
  • Postcarding #3: Postcards to Voters for Warnock


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