Tues – 4/16: Indivisible against hate – support #IStandWithIlhan, #NoBanAct and the 9/11 Victims Fund.

Watch this video. Be impressed. Then let’s help her “make good trouble.”

Action #1 – We are Indivisible Against Hate. #IStandWithIlhan, and make sure your legislators have got her back too.

It’s not just about Rep. Omar and it’s not about 9/11. Trump, GOP members and their minions are trying to tear the Democratic House majority apart- by attacking its diverse new legislators, inciting hatred and death threats, and religious dog whistling. They want to herd scared voters towards racism, facism and Islamophobia at the next election, and to incite us into wasting our time and opportunities squabbling amongst ourselves. Right now, we and our legislators need to join hands and clearly share our vision for a better and more just world. #IStandWithIlhan, #StandWithIlhan

  • Video: Make your own #IStandWithIlhan video here like Leah and Ezra’s above with the help of Indivisible and share it with your social media.
  • Cards: We’re writing support cards for Rep. Omar at our Third Thursday Pizza lunch. Info here.
  • Call: Make sure your legislators are publicly on-board too.

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