Reminder – Say “NO” to the increase in the National Parks fee – Deadline November 23! That’s in just 2 days!

Time is going by fast and soon we’ll be lost to turkey and relatives. So put this on your to-do calendar today! 

The Trump administration’s Interior Department (led by Ryan Zinke) has proposed a massive fee increase for certain national parks.
The administration wants to gut funding for the National Park Service while simultaneously arguing that the parks need more funding; the difference is, they want visitors to bear the burden. If we can’t, they have other options knocking on their doors…

ACTION #1 – Deadline November 23.

Please make your voices of opposition heard by commenting here.
Sample Written Statement: (Try to use your own voice)
I do not support the National Park Service’s proposal to increase entrance fees at 17 national parks to address the maintenance backlog. Visitors should not be forced to pay today for the years of inadequate federal funding that has led to this massive backlog. The solution to the parks’ repair needs should fall to Congress. There is a pending bill, the National Park Service Legacy Act (S. 751), that addresses the National Park Service maintenance backlog and it deserves the Department of the Interior’s support. This bipartisan legislation would provide a more substantial — and sustainable — investment in our parks. Thank you.

ACTION #2 AFTER you submit your statement from Action #1

Tell Ryan Zinke that you want him to advocate for our parks, not agree to funding cuts. Share your posts with your crew!

Tweet: @SecretaryZinke


Minimum Script: I calling from [zip code] and I want my legislators to tell Zinke that you strongly support our NPS system and believe it deserves adequate funding to keep our national parks accessible to all..

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