Wed. 6/27: Ryan’s bill goes down in flames. Game not over.

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#1 – “House Rejects “Compromise” Immigration Bill – Overwhelmingly.”

The House overwhelmingly rejected Ryan’s so-called compromise bill, 121-301. But no champagne cocktails for us yet, we’re afraid. It lost because it just wasn’t mean enough.

  • An amendment to allow Dreamers to sponsor their parents for legal status stopped a lot of GOP “moderates” (?!) from voting for it.
  • Many conservatives who voted against the compromise bill wanted the far crueler Goodlatte bill the House had rejected last week, 193-231.
  • House GOP working on a narrow bill to house families together while the parents are going through criminal proceedings for the misdemeanor of first-time illegal border crossing, instead of in criminal custody, and eliminated the 20-day cap on administrative custody for accompanied children. (not good.)

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