Tues 8/21: Kavanaugh-t Tuesday – The fifth vote for more Citizens United nonsense.

This quote by Bernie gets corporate knickers in a twist, but it clearly expresses what most voters want – a Supreme Court Justice who will limit corporate money in politics, not someone who will abolish abortion or gay marriage. Kavanaugh, if confirmed, will continue the line of decisions that created Citizens United, further demolishing the principle of political equality, limiting our ability to combat corruption and encouraging the bizarre spectacle of for-profit, secular corporations suing to avoid laws due to their “religious values“. The Hobby Lobby win, which was dependent on Citizens United ruling, opened a Pandora’s box of religious divisiveness. It immediately allowed secular corporations to deny women access to any contraceptives that they found “theologically objectionable“.

Action #1 – We need to start reversing Citizens United…

Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Senator [__] to closely question Brett Kavanaugh on his record and views regarding the Citizens United and Hobby Lobby decisions and similar actions. Agreement with these decisions is grounds for a negative vote. Continue reading “Tues 8/21: Kavanaugh-t Tuesday – The fifth vote for more Citizens United nonsense.”

Mon – 8/20: Your Monday Kavanaugh-t – Follow the paper trail…

A right-wing extremist minority is within one SCOTUS seat of erasing the progressive gains of the last 50 years.

Senator Feinstein’s staff met with Indivisible East Bay recently and told them that they aren’t hearing from us, her constituents, opposing Kavanaugh’s nomination. Fewer than 33,000 people have called her office opposing the Kavanaugh nomination, in comparison to the hundred thousand contacts opposing Neil Gorsuch by the time of his 2017 Judiciary Committee vote. This is strange because polls indicate only 37% think the Senate should vote to confirm Kavanaugh, making him “the least popular SCOTUS pick in decades”.

But our legislators are Blue! They already know what we want! WHY DO I HAVE TO CALL?!?

Our members of Congress (MoCs) staff tally numbers of contacts per zip code per issue every day and give those numbers to the Senator. They use those numbers to justify actions they take and how strongly they push. And if we don’t call, you can bet they’re still hearing from the other side, like NRA members and forced-birthers. Emails are fine, too. Get your phones set up for fast calling, and try the less popular offices like Fresno and San Diego, first. If the lines are busy, set a timer for a half-hour and call back.

Every day, we will present a new aspect of what we’re fighting for.

Action #1 –  We want transparency. Cough up the paperwork.

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