Wed. 1/22: Our president is a giant walking, talking national security leak.

He’s trying to distract us by tossing more countries onto his travel ban bonfire…

With breathless fearmongering – “We have to be safe. Our country has to be safe. You see what’s going on in the world. Our country has to be safe,” Trump tries to divert Americans’ attention from a greater danger to our country and our democracy –  the malign foreign influences brought in and encouraged by Trump himself.

Action #1: Keep FLOODING Senate offices with calls. If you have family and friends in GOP-country, make sure they’re calling too.

The vote at the end of the Senate trial will be partially determined by GOP senators who think they’ll be kicked out by disgusted constituents. Update: Some GOP senators must be nervous, because McConnell gave up some territory. 

  • McConnell had to add more time to the proceedings –  The new plan allows up to 48 hours of opening arguments over six days, instead of four, from the House of Representatives lawmakers making the case for impeachment and Trump’s defense team
  • The resolution now “automatically” enters the House’s records from its impeachment hearings into evidence unless there’s an objection. McConnells’s draft released earlier would have required a vote to enter that evidence.

Minimum script for GOP senators: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Sen. [___] to know that I want [him/her] to Continue reading “Wed. 1/22: Our president is a giant walking, talking national security leak.”