Hey, “Dark Brandon” – Tell Kevin and his band of economic terrorists to “cut the crap!”

Write Joe and tell him “NO compromise with economic terrorists!”

The GOP’s funding proposal: 22% Cuts That Would Harm American Families, Seniors and Veterans

On May 9, Biden met with House Majority McCarthy on the debt limit. After listening to the GOP’s plans to freeze all spending for freezing spending for 2-10 years, which takes no account of issues like a aging population and rapidlyincreasing extreme weather events, “…President Biden left the door open to circumventing Congress to prevent Republicans from crashing the economy.”

Action: Email Joe and tell him play hardball with McCarthy.

It’s easy! Just click on https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ and you’ve got 2000 characters to tell him what you think. Here’s our take, a general-purpose letter liberally stolen from Robert Reich’s column.

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+150 political scientists sent a warning to Congress…Democracy is on a deadline.

(Statement in Support of the Freedom to Vote Act)

  • Action #1: Call your senators! Every day.
  • How to program your phone for fast calls to your legislators!
  • Action #2: Write your reluctant senators an email/letter. (Yes, Dianne, we’re looking at you.) Pile it on!

In keeping with the racist origins of the filibuster, the only Senate bills that are currently still subject to it remain civil and voting rights bills like the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Meanwhile, without these federal-level restrictions, the GOP are busy eroding rights on a state level, using new voter restrictions, partisan election audits, and state-level efforts to sabotage future elections. And now they’re destroying the last line of defence – the courts. GOP legislators in 35 states proposed over 153 bills in 2021 to limit state courts’ power or independence or to make them more partisan. At least 19 have become law across 14 states. We’re running out of time.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is using Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as D-Day for democracy, a war against an opposition that’s already on our own shores, and even embedded within our own party. (His letter here.) Please, call your senators every day, especially those of us with reluctant ones, like Feinstein.

Action #1: Call your senators – updated message for use EVERY DAY!

Minimal script for SEN. FEINSTEIN:

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+150 political scientists sent a warning to Congress…

(Statement in Support of the Freedom to Vote Act)

  • Action #1: Call your senators!
  • Action #2: Write Feinstein an email/letter. Pile it on!

Action #1: Call your senators.

Minimal script for SEN. FEINSTEIN (not a cosponsor):

I’m calling from [zip code] to ask Sen. [___] to cancel any holiday recess plans in order to push through both S.4 – the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” and S.2747 – the “Freedom to Vote Act,” nationwide minimum standards to protect the rights of voters and to strengthen our democracy while we still have one. We’ve read that she may now be willing to support bypassing the filibuster rule to enact these bills. Please convey to the senator that her active and enthusiastic cooperation with such an effort is the basic minimum or we will be ASKING FOR HER RESIGNATION.

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Dear Senator Feinstein…

(Note: Thanks to all those who came out for the picture. Special callout to the awesome squad from Santa Barbara!)
  • Action #1: Write Feinstein an email/letter
  • Action #2: H.R.4064/S.2155 – Prevent Election Subversion Act – Protect Election Workers from harrassment and intimidation.
  • Action #3: Call your senators.
  • Action #4: Call the White House
  • Action #5: Email Joe.

Originally tweeted by Scott Dworkin (@funder) on November 16, 2021.

Action #1: Write Feinstein an email/letter

Sample email/letter: You are welcome to use as much or little as you want. Speak from your heart. There’s a lot of good material here too. (Other senators to worry about: Manchin (WV), Sinema (AZ), Jon Tester (MT), Coons (DE), Carper (DE), King (MN) Hassan (NH), Cardin (MD))

Dear Senator Feinstein,

[We gathered last Saturday at our county government center/I’ve called you/I’ve written you] to ask you to be brave. To publicly state that you’ll carve up the filibuster to enable the “Freedom to Vote Act.” To state that you’re willing to overthrow decorum of long practice for the far more urgent need of democracy itself.

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