Mon – 11/5: Don’t be left behind. Check your Voting Plan today!

Action #1. How do I choose what and who to vote for?

Click here for our VOTING GUIDE. It will show you what organizations like the Sierra Club, labor groups, Democrats, progressive physicians and others believe to be the best choices for our future.

This is not a test and you can leave items blank. Just do your best.

Vote for the future. Yours, and the world your children and grandchildren will inherit.

Action #2 – Check that you’re actually registered.

A lot of people aren’t sure. No problem. If you’re a resident of Ventura County, check here. If you live elsewhere, go here.

If you ARE REGISTERED – YAY! Go on to step #3.
If you aren’t…don’t panic. Your voice is important. Go to step #10

Action #3 – Confirm your polling place.

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