Thurs. 4/26 – War on the Poor – Part 2 – Cutting their food…

The Farm Bill, H.R. 2, is a GOP trifecta. It hurts the poor, it helps big business and it harms the environment. 

#1 – It hurts the most vulnerable amongst us.

This guy looks like a dry speaker, but this video is pretty riveting.

We will be dealing with real hunger and the health and social issues that chronic malnutrition brings. The 2018 Farm Bill, HR2, cuts close to $20 billion from SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs). Close to two-thirds of SNAP participants are children, elderly, or disabled, while the remainder, mostly low-wage workers, are more likely than other workers to experience periods of unemployment or see their monthly earnings drop. Proposed changes enforcing stricter work requirements will be devastating to veterans, teenagers aging out of foster care, the chronically homeless and the mentally and physically disabled who will need to “prove” they are unable to work in order to eat. The work requirement age limit will also increase from 50 to 60, despite the AARP’s warning that this group has difficulty getting meaningful work. Those who violate the work requirements would become ineligible for SNAP benefits for a 1 year, with subsequent violations resulting in a 3-year loss of benefits. In addition, over a quarter million young children will lose their free school lunches. Anti-hunger groups and others say will lead to 1.6 million people losing the essential but extremely modest safety net that currently provides about $1.40 per person per meal. American citizens will be going hungry, in the richest nation in the world. (If you haven’t read it yet, take a moment to read the Poor People’s Campaign’s “Declaration of Fundamental Rights“.) Continue reading “Thurs. 4/26 – War on the Poor – Part 2 – Cutting their food…”