Pop Quiz – Will the #TrumpTaxScam destroy the American Public School System?

Take out your #2 pencil and… 

A. keep your eyes on your own work.

B. do something to save America’s public education system.

#1. – Finish this sentence: The tax bill’s language that allows college savings accounts for “unborn children” is a…

A. method for responsible future parents to get a 8-9 month jump-start on saving for their little bundle of expenses.

B. method to sneak anti-choice ideology into a tax scam.

Answer: “B”

Future parents can set up a 529 savings account at any time, then transfer it when Junior makes his/her way into the world.

“This is a back-door attempt to establish personhood from the moment of conception,” said Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) . “What’s next, giving a Social Security number to a zygote?”

#2. – Will the loss or restriction of the SALT deduction hurt public schools?

A. The loss of the SALT deduction would apply significant pressure on states and municipalities to reduce taxes in order to offset the increases in federal taxes paid by their constituents.

B. What? What the heck is SALT?

Answer: “A”

Education funding is an enormous local and state expenditure, and it would have to be cut in order to provide any relief to tax payers who lost all or part of their SALT deduction.

There is something incredibly perverse about putting pressure on states and municipalities to cut taxes in order to make up for a federal tax bill that overwhelmingly favors the rich and corporations. It is even more perverse to label that as “middle class tax relief” when the outcome will be potentially disastrous for local schools.  The vast majority of K-12 school funding in this country still comes from state and local revenues which would no longer be deductible from federal tax burdens.”

#3. – If we convince our rich people to leave state taxes alone, we’ll be OK, right?

A. No.

B. Hahahahaha Continue reading “Pop Quiz – Will the #TrumpTaxScam destroy the American Public School System?”