Thurs 2/28: Say “NO” to Andrew Wheeler, the once and future coal lobbyist nominee for the EPA.

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Action Update – Let’s use our power of oversight to hem this guy in.

He’s in, on a basic party-line vote with only Sen. Collins crossing the aisle. Our EPA, as well as the GOP itself, are now completely owned by the fossil-fuel industry (read “Background” below). So where do we go now? RESIST, of course! We propose a serious email to all your legislators.

New minimal email:

Until we are in a position to remove Andrew Wheeler, coal-industry mole and climate-change denier, from his new position at the EPA and repair the damage he’s causing, we want you to commit to using our power of Congressional oversight to investigate the following issues:

Corruption: Wheeler, after it was first rumored he would be considered for the EPA last March, raised funds for Republican senators on the committee that makes the preliminary decision on confirming appointments to the agency.  (intercept)

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Mon. – 4/30 – 3 quick environmental actions

Coal-Ash disaster from lingers in Tennessee as regulation fight rages. People continue to die of the health effects to this day. In 2008, a 5.4-million-cubic-yard torrent from a coal ash slurry-filled pond choked waterways and created a moonscape of mounds residents dubbed ‘ashbergs.’ Photographer: Wade Payne/Bloomberg via Getty Images

1. Deadline is TODAY, April 30th. – Don’t Weaken Coal Ash Disposal Regulations.

coal ash

Scott Pruitt is proposing to weakening the Coal Combustion Residuals rules that safeguard communities from coal ash contamination.  A toxic by-product of coal burning power plants, coal ash contains arsenic, lead, mercury and other contaminants, and its disposal was regulated in 2015 by the EPA to reduce health and environmental risks to communities. But at the behest of the utility industry, the Trump Administration has proposed the first of two rules that would weaken the essential protections that those EPA rules provide.

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