Tues 2/16: Charge ALL the Capitol criminals!

Action #1: Write a comment to the Department of Justice

According to an article in the Hill, some officials are thinking of letting the “nonviolent insurrectionists” who invaded our Capitol walk with NO consequences. Tell the DOJ that ALL of them entered our Capitol with the the intent to interfere with the lawful certification of Electoral College votes and should be charged with the appropriate federal crime – and there are several to choose from.  

Link to DOJ comment page here. Select “Messages to the Attorney General.(The tricky bit is to keep it to 2000 characters or less.) Here’s our post. We’ve put all the laws affecting crimes at the Capitol and some additional resources you can use to create your post at the bottom. Mix it up. It doesn’t need to be long.

I’m writing to request that every insurrectionist who entered our capitol unlawfully on Jan. 6 be charged with a crime. Roughly 800 of them pushed into our Capitol and committed a variety of crimes, from vandalism to murder. Now we read that some officials have argued that those known only to have committed unlawful entry, without proof of violent, threatening or destructive behavior – should not be charged. 

I disagree. Every one of them was there to terrorize legislators and their staff, and like lynch mobs of old, only a few need to do actual violence. They went inside our “People’s House” with the express intent to stop a lawful government process – the certifying of Electoral College votes. This behavior not only meets the definition of seditious conspiracy, but also violates §5104. Unlawful activities and 18 U.S. Code § 1752 – Restricted building or grounds.

I’m not asking you to imprison every QAnon-addled middle-aged, middle-class rioter who believed themselves on a mission for Trump. But there must be accountability that marks both their psyche and their permanent record. Studies from both the US National Institute of Justice and the Sentencing Project show that punishments need not to be draconian to be effective in deterring repeat offenders. Letting them walk away scot-free, however, will encourage them to try again, along with others interested in violent cosplay at our Capitol. Repeat offenders should be a serious concern, as 40% of the GOP now believe that violence is acceptable to achieve political ends.

Every one who stepped through the door should be charged with §5104- Unlawful activities & 18 U.S. Code § 1752, with the potential punishment of a year in prison. Many would be resolved with a good-sized fine, along with a ban prohibiting gun possession, which is a great deterrent as well. Break the “Big Lie” spell with consequences.

Action #2: Copy your comment to your legislator!

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