We all have choices. Choose not to support corporate-funded voter suppression in GA.

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It’s like the Christmas tree of goodies for voter suppression,” Democratic state Sen. Jen Jordan said on the Senate floor before the GOP-dominated legislature approved the “Election Integrity Act of 2021,” an omnibus bill containing the voter suppression bills HB531 and SB241. Georgia-based companies like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, Aflac, UPS and Southern Company both supported the legislators behind this legislation and declined to speak out against them.

(guardian) “Georgia activists are calling for a statewide boycott of Coca-Cola… The call for the boycott, first reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, is coming from  leaders of the sixth district of the AME church, which includes more than 500 Black churches in Georgia. Bishop Reginald Thomas Jackson, the presiding prelate, said that there had been a “deafening silence” around voting rights from Coca-Cola and other companies that had put out statements last year supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Our position is they’ve not lived up to their own words. By your silence you’re actually being complicit. So we’re going to say to them, if you want our money, then you ought to have our back,” he said in an interview. He added that he expected other civil rights groups to join in the boycott calls soon.

So, here we are…We all have an action and personal choices to make.

Make a call/send an email. Customize if you can.

Minimal script: Hi, I am an American citizen (from [state/city]) who cares about our democracy, and I was profoundly disappointed in your corporate support of recently passed voter-suppression legislation in Georgia. They even made handing voters bottled water, one of your products, a crime. Until your company speaks out in a meaningful way against this anti-democratic type of legislation, which is cropping up all over the country, I can no longer in good conscience support your company by purchasing your products and I will reach out on my social network to ask others to refrain from doing so as well.

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