More CA bills – maybe they thought no one would notice these attacks on rooftop solar…

More sneaky plays by our fossil fuel industry friends…

Action #1: “Best intentions run amok” or deliberate sabotage by the utilities’ monopoly? Doesn’t matter! “NO” on SB-1385.

Among the hundreds of bills our legislators are considering, very few have led to groups not normally on the same side – including tenants’ advocacy organizations, property owners, property managers, builders, and non-profit affordable housing developers – to come together. But this is the case here: all oppose SB 1385. This is not a serious proposal to address either the existential crisis of climate change or our state’s housing unaffordability crisis. By competing with existing, successful rooftop solar programs to give hundreds of thousands of tenants in multi-family housing access to solar thus helping reduce the cost of their utility bills, SB 1385 actually makes matters worse. (Read more here)

Minimal script for your state senator: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Senator [___] to vote “NO” on (SB 1385) Local planning: housing: commercial zones.

Action #2: OK – this one is a straight-out attack on rooftop solar. “NO” on AB-2143.

AB 2143 would increase the use of fossil fuels, make solar and electricification more expensive, hurt the state’s affordable housing and commercial solar market, and dismantle local businesses, some of whom are women-, BIPOC- , and veteran-owned, and several of which have a unionized workforce or are worker-owned cooperatives. Solar energy is one of the most viable viable solutions to combatting the existential threat of climate change. (Read more here)

Minimal script for your assemblymember : I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Assemblymember [___] to vote “NO” on (AB-2143) Net energy metering.


  • Governor Gavin Newsom: email, (916) 445-2841 
  • State Senator Monique Limón (SD-19): email, SAC (916) 651-4019, SB (805) 965-0862, OX (805)988-1940 
  • State Senator Henry Stern (SD-27): email, SAC (916) 651-2027, Calabasas (818) 876-3352
  • State Assemblymember Steve Bennett: (CA-37): email, SAC (916) 319-2037, SB (805) 564-1649, VTA (805) 641-3700
  • State Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin: (CA-44): email, SAC (916) 319-2044, CAM (805) 482-1904, OX (805) 483-4488
  • Not your people? Which assemblymember/state senator is mine?:

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