We wrote a letter to Biden. We need you to write one too.

  • Action #1: Write to Biden. Tell him that S.1 – the For the People Act must pass.
  • Action #2: Call your own senators and tell them to stay in D.C. until S.1 is passed.

Action #1: Write to Biden. Tell him that S.1 – the For the People Act must pass.

1,057 grassroots organizations,(including Indivisible Ventura) and nonprofits from across the country signed on to a letter to President Biden, representing the voices of 3,315,520 individual members.

(Thanks to Indivisible Georgia Coalition for putting this original letter together!)

Now we’re asking you to add your voice as well.

You can copy/paste this sample email, in part or in its entirety or make your own:

The “new coalition” you called for already exists; what we need is for you to have the backs of all those already collaborating to ensure that S.1 passes. Your call did not recognize the hard work and bravery of multiple, overlapping coalitions and the organizations that have engaged in deep organizing for years, nor did it recognize the months-long full-court press of grassroots mobilization for the freedom to vote. These include the Poor People’s Campaign, the Transformative Justice Coalition, Black Voters Matter, Fair Fight, the Declaration for American Democracy, Fix Our Senate, Public Citizen, Common Cause, Indivisible, Democracy for America 2021, and Democracy Docket.

Until the last administration, we were unaware that so many foundational protections of American democracy were merely implied, easily trampled or ignored. The 3,315,520 individual members who signed on to this letter watched in horror as our nation slide toward an autocratic abyss for four years. Therefore we fought hard for your election so that the country we love would have another chance to create strong and defensible nationwide guardrails that protect voting access, the right that undergirds all other rights. Our letter is here – (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nNc8yJZIEPfHzrV6zeYC3J6NpIQ3z3Hvbgx1_VkQfOY/edit)

America remains sickened by the forces of sedition, White supremacy and Christian nationalism, and those responsible await their next chance to remake our country into their malignant image. Please use the full powers of persuasion and pressure available to you to ensure that Senate Democrats pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, even urging for the reform or elimination of the filibuster to make this happen. We need you to make this your highest priority, for if democracy fails, everything else fails with it.

Contact Biden: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Action #2: Call your own senators and tell them to stay in D.C. until S.1 is passed.

Script, contact information and post here.

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