Two actions to take today!

Action #1. SURJ – Tell your state senator that you support the VISION Act (AB937) Deadline – Friday! 

Send an email of support for the VISION Act (AB937). (Text here.) It’s passed through the Assembly, and now needs a boost through the Senate.

Human Rights Watch has endorsed the VISION Act, as it would enact the following reforms: 

  • build on recent criminal legal system reforms by prohibiting local and state agencies from conducting immigration arrests and from assisting or facilitating immigration arrests, which includes prohibiting ICE transfers;
  • prohibit California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) parole agents and county probation officers from collaborating with ICE to funnel individuals who are on parole into immigration detention; and
  • ensure that refugees and immigrants are treated equally by prohibiting state agencies, local agencies, and courts from using immigration status as a factor to deny or to recommend denial of placement in a diversion program, rehabilitation program, credit-earning program or class, or mental health program.

Here is a sample letter you can cut and paste to create your email. Try to use your own voice as much as possible.

To contact your state senator:

  • Senator Limon (District 19) here,
  • Senator Stern (District 27) here.
  • Not sure who that is? Enter your address here.

SURJ VC works in solidarity with the ICE Out of Ventura County Coalition and the VISION Act aligns with our demands locally for the Sheriff to stop voluntarily cooperating with ICE. If you are interested in joining SURJ and their work around immigrant justice, email them at

Action #2: SURJ – Vigil to Stop the SoCalGas Compressor Construction today! (4-6pm!) 1550 N Olive St, Ventura

Facebook link here:

Video from April 24, 2021

Despite myriad unanswered questions from the community regarding the expansion of the compressor site, SoCalGas has signaled its intention to pursue construction of its temporary office buildings, work that involves trenching and disturbing soil adjacent to dirt heavily contaminated with lead and other carcinogens. The Ventura City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution urging that no further work be done to expand the gas compressor station until an Environmental Impact Review can be conducted, but SoCalGas is using a ministerial permit to continue its work on the temporary buildings. 

In response, the Westside Clean Air Coalition will station members at the construction site to observe the work and maintain a presence throughout the week at 1550 N Olive St, Ventura 93001.

(For those keeping tabs, this is the second recent incident where the local fossil fuel industry has done an end-run around the will of the people and their elected officials.)

Related: July 17 – Ventura – Stop SoCalGas, Ventura March and Rally! Protect our kids! (11 am – 2pm) Kellogg Park

Facebook link here.

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