Thurs 9/24: Another postcard for the GOP.

He can’t steal an election by himself.

We Democrats will have to fall for his lies to help him pull this off. So, keep reminding your social media friends, that we are the majority and to go out and vote like Ruth Bader Ginsburg is watching.

He will also depend on his able cast of enablers, including all the GOP members of the Senate. So, if you’ve finished sending out cards to those who swore they’d never seat a new justice in an election year (, here’s another proposed script for those quivering toadies.

Dear Sen. _______

The GOP has had many chances to stand up to the anti-democratic actions of President Trump. And each time, you’ve remained silent, putting your party over our country. Even now, as he threatens the orderly transfer of power for the first time in our history, you are afraid to say his name. Similar to the question to Sen. Joe McCarthy +60 years ago, we ask: Have you no decency? Have you no patriotism? Have you no honor? Have you no courage?

Signed _______________

Here’s a list of addresses to send them to. Just look for the red dots.


(Politico) “Congressional Republicans say that if President Donald Trump loses the election there will be a peaceful transition. But they’re not explaining how, even as the president threatens to upend the constitutional order. While Republicans gently pushed back Thursday against Trump’s refusal this week to commit to a peaceful transition of power, most declined to say what they would do if the president refuses to leave office, dismissing it as a hypothetical situation.

But Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), a vocal critic of the president, said he has faith his Republican colleagues will step up if they need to.”

Hahaha! Seriously, Mitt!

You lost whatever gravitas you ever had when you did a 180° bellyflop on RBG’s seat. And you were the “courageous one”, a step above the spineless invertibrates you hang out with.

Hey Mitt, remember this? How the GOP stepped up for that elderly man when police violence put him in the hospital and Trump tweeted that he was an antifa terrorist?

No, we don’t remember that either. Your scout troop of pusillanimous lickspittles has remained mum over all of Trump’s egregious actions, hoping he won’t pick them out and make fun of their names, like the elementary-school bully he is.

So, GOP senators-who-are-now-bleating-to-the-press…What have you done lately to prove your sincerity about protecting elections?

Did you ask him and his Russian friends to stop interfering in the election before this latest threat? Have you asked him to remove his mole – Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from the USPS and did you volunteer the funding they need? Have you made sure that local elections had the funding they needed to run elections in a pandemic? (Oh, no, that would have been in the HEROES Act.) Have you asked Trump to stop spreading false rumors of voter fraud and overrunning antifa? Have you asked GOP governors to stop purging eligible voters? Have you asked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to restore the will of the people by letting former felons vote, as they intended?

Have you done ANYTHING to prove you are interested in a fair election, where every American gets to exercise their franchise to vote?

Hmmmm…Thought not.

You want to prove that a healthy and prosperous democracy is actually important to you? Important enough to risk his wrath? Important enough to risk your seat?

Then say his name. Call him out. Tell us your plan to stop him. Fix the damage you’ve done. Pass the HEROES act.

Because if he is reelected, he will dissolve what he considers to be your annoying and increasingly powerless and inconsequential congress and you will wonder exactly whose fault it is for letting it happen. Yours. It’s all yours.

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