Thurs 6/18: Rally today to Celebrate the SCOTUS decision for DACA! (3) actions, including one for ALL DACA recipients. NEW DACA applications now OK!

Quote from tweet here from United We Dream.

Today! Join together with everyone else who’s been holding their breath and CELEBRATE! 

12:30 pm – Join the car rally:Please join us today at 12:30pm for a celebratory rally. Park at La Gloria infront of metrolink station. We will highlight the intersection of the BLM movement and immigrant rights, as well as LGBTQ.”

2:45pm in Camarillo: a social distancing rally at the ICE office, 321 Cortez Circle (the same place we stood with the Oxnard Pastors)




Get ready to do more! 

This is just a temporary reprieve.

This battle isn’t over. The decision was 5-4, and it just says Trump&Co. screwed up on the “HOW” they tried to do this, not the “WHY”, which is base on racism and xenophobia.

In his majority opinion, Justice Roberts wrote “We do not decide whether DACA or its rescission are sound policies. We address only whether the [Department of Homeland Security] complied with the procedural requirement that it provide a reasoned explanation for its action. Here the agency failed to consider the conspicuous issues of whether to retain forbearance and what if anything to do about the hardship to DACA recipients. That dual failure raises doubts about whether the agency appreciated the scope of its discretion or exercised that discretion in a reasonable manner.

The other four conservative justices hate DACA and Trump’s lawyers, if they’re not totally distracted by all the negative books coming out, could file again.


If he’s out of office, he doesn’t get to pick another conservative judge!

Action #1: Commit to ensuring that both you and every single person you know is registered to vote for November!

Q: How do I do that?

Q: So, what is a “qualified voter” anyway?

Q: I think I was registered to vote in my high school gym, but I’m not sure. How do I find out?

For Ventura County, click here or call (805) 654-2781. For the rest of CA, click here.

Q: OK, I’m registered but I’ve [moved, changed my name, changed my political party.]

Action #2: Increase your power level by filling out the Census!

You and your friends and family have no power if no one knows you’re here. Make sure everyone in your circle has filled out the Census! You do not need to be a “legal” resident, just a resident. Your answers are confidential.

From Rock the Vote:The Census is all about the distribution of power and money from the federal government to our communities. Money that goes toward things like emergency services, school lunches, hospitals, schools, fire departments, and affordable housing. And power, which is determined by the number of congresspersons, state legislatures, and other elected officials representing your interests.”

  • This website has all the information you may need. More resources here, and here.
  • Here is a preview of the online form.
  • You can download a form to look over and discuss with your family here.
  • Find a video to share on your social media platform on this post or  here.
  • The League of Women Voters put together a downloadable information page here.
  • Worried about confidentiality? Go here for answers.
  • Are you an organization, or business operating in Ventura County interested in getting involved in Census 2020 outreach? Go here.

Action #3: Every DACA-qualified recipient should be aware of the changes!

(If you know a DACA recipient or someone who could be one, be sure that they are aware of the rule change!This section has been entirely updated here.



(ENGLISH) How Pedro and Miriam Learned About Notario Fraud is a graphic novel that shows some of the ways people get scammed while seeking immigration help. It also shows where people can go for real help. You can also read the fotonovela in Spanish here – and order free copies to share in your community.

One lesson from Pedro and Miriam is this: there are lawyers and people known as “accredited representatives” who can give real help with immigration. (You can find them at this Department of Justice site.)  But none of them are notarios. Please spread the word.

(ESPAÑOL) Cómo se enteraron Myriam y Pedro de las estafas de notario es una fotonovela que muestra algunas de las maneras en que la gente cae en una estafa cuando está buscando ayuda para asuntos de inmigración. También indica adónde puede recurrir la gente para obtener verdadera ayuda. Puedes leer la versión en español de la fotonovela haciendo clic aquí– y también puedes encargar copias gratuitas para compartir en tu comunidad.

Una de las lecciones que se desprende de la historia de Myriam y Pedro es que hay abogados y personas conocidas como “representantes acreditados” que pueden ofrecer verdadera ayuda en asuntos de inmigración. (Puedes encontrarlos en este sitio web del Departamento de Justicia). Pero ninguno de ellos es notario. Por favor, haz correr la voz.

You can apply for DACA NOW!

*If you need help applying for or renewing DACA or Advanced Parole DO NOT GO TO A NOTARY PUBLIC!  Contact these non-profit accredited organizations or attorneys:  

In Oxnard/Santa Maria:

  • UFW Foundation (805)246-3867
  • El Concilio (small fee) (805)486-9777
  • MICOP (small fee) (805)483-1166
  • Swap Meet Justice (free) Last Sunday of the Month at Oxnard Community Market-help with immigration paperwork, voter registration and census. 

In Santa Barbara: 

  • IMPORTA (free) (805)604-5060
  • Immigrant Hope (free) (805)963-0163

These immigration attorneys specialize in DACA applications, renewals and advanced parole. 

  • In Ventura:
    • Law Offices of Vanessa Frank (805) 641-9300,
    • Law Offices of Gabriella Navarro Busch (805) 639-0037
    • Law Offices of Ruben Rivera,
  • In Santa Barbara:
    • Law Offices of Kraig Rice (805) 897-0066,
    • Law Offices of Kingston, Martinez & Hogan (805) 963-9585
  • In Simi Valley: Law Offices of Rafael Torres (805) 915-4738
  • In Oxnard: Law Offices of Rosemary Garcia (805) 394-8536
  • In Los Angeles and Ventura: Law Offices of Sam Baumer (805) 890-5248
  • In Carpinteria:
    • Law Offices of Maya Korling (805) 881-2065
    • Law Offices of Marisol Alarcon (805) 576-7207,

If you would like to donate funds to help pay for low income DACA applicants you can send money to these organizations that work directly with DACA applicants:

  • Xochitzillin (805)265-3023
  • CLUE-Migrant Advocacy Fund (805)607-3599
  • VCCF-805UNDOCUfund (805)988-0196

Ud puede aplicar para DACA HOY!

*Si Ud necesita ayuda aplicando or renovando DACA o libertad condicional anticipada NO VAYA A UNA NOTARIO PUBLICO!  Hable a estas organizaciones or abogados de inmigración:  

En Oxnard/Santa Maria:

  • UFW Foundation (805) 246-3867
  • El Concilio (cuota pequeňa) (805) 486-9777
  • MICOP (cuota pequeňa) (805) 483-1166
  • Justicia en el Swap Meet (gratis) el ultimo Domingo del mes en la Marketa Comunitaria de Oxnard-ayuda con papeles de inmigración, registración para votar y el censo. 

En Santa Barbara: 

  • IMPORTA (gratis) (805) 604-5060
  • Immigrant Hope (gratis) (805) 963-0163

Estos abogados especializan en leyes de inmigración con aplicaciones de DACA y libertad condicional anticipada. 

  • En Ventura:
    • Las Oficinas de Vanessa Frank (805) 641-9300,
    • Las Oficinas de Gabriella Navarro Busch (805) 639-0037
    • Las Oficinas de Ruben Rivera,
  • En Santa Barbara:
    • Las Oficinas de Kraig Rice (805) 897-0066,
    • Las Oficinas de Kingston, Martinez & Hogan (805) 963-9585
  • En Simi Valley: Las Oficinas de Rafael Torres (805) 915-4738
  • En Oxnard: Las Oficinas de Ruben Rivera, Las Oficinas de Rosemary Garcia (805)394-8536
  • En Los Angeles y Ventura: Las Oficina de Sam Baumer (805) 890-5248
  • En Carpinteria:
    • Las Oficinas de Maya Korling (805) 881-2065
    • Las Oficinas de Marisol Alarcon (805)576-7207,

Si ud gusta donar fondos para ayudar gente de bajos recursos aplicando para DACA pueden mandar dinero a estas organizaciones que trabajan directamente con los aplicantes:

  • Xochitzillin (805)265-3023
  • CLUE-Migrant Advocacy Fund (805)607-3599
  • VCCF-805UNDOCUfund


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