Tues 11/5: It’s Election Day! How to help from here.

Action #1 – Do you know people who live in these states? – CALL THEM!

Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi are voting themselves new governors. Voters in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia can elect a whole new slate of state lawmakers or a governor and other statewide executives or all of the above. (Ventura Co. residents – you have a local action to do today too. Click here.)

The NAACP created a “Power of Five” campaign for the 2018 elections to empower voters to take leadership of their own spheres of influence. The charge is simple: reach out to 5 people you know and get them involved in voting. That’s a powerful organizing principle that you can use today.

  • If you know one person, or five or more in these states with big elections… Call them today. Ask them if they’ve already voted or if they haven’t, how they plan to get to the polls. If they have transportation issues, help them find a ride. (See “Ride Information” below.)
  • If they don’t think their vote matters, share the video above with them.
  • Ask them to contact 5 people they know around them and repeat the same process with them. If they have a car, ask them to offer rides to people they know with transportation issues.
  • Are they confused? Do they have questions? Here are some great links collated by Political Charge.

Action #2 – There’s still time to help Virginia!

Take a half hour today and make some calls with SwingLeft. Sign up here.

Making calls to voters is easy and really important. SwingLeft will automatically match you with a phone banking shift in the closest races and give you a script to guide your conversations.

Action #3 – Would you rather text?

(from Indivisible Santa Barbara) Text Black Voters to Get Out the Vote. Don’t want to make phone calls? Try texting! Black Voters Matter has a texting campaign through November 5. They need help to text over 500,000 black folks in 7 states to encourage them to vote and help build electoral power. Watch the New Texter Training video and sign up to text.

Ride Information – Give or Take a ride.


Map of states having elections today. (Hey, why is CA on the list? There are 10 local elections  in our state today.)

All states:

Go here.


  • For ride info anywhere in the state or concerns/questions/issues about voting, we can call 833-GOVOTEKY (833-468-6835).
  • We can also check for ride information listed by county here.
  • Louisville Area: TARC transit system in Louisville is offering free rides to the bus stop near our polling places. Just ask the driver to take us there. If we need to, we can find our polling place here
  • Fayetteville County: if we are in Fayetteville County, we  can call the Fayetteville County Democratic Party at 859.268.4448 to arrange a ride. Or email them here. Or, even easier, schedule a ride to the polls here.


The ride share service Lyft will offer free rides to and from polls on Election Day.’Lyft Indiana general manager Cerbronica Luft says some people do not have the means to get to the polls, and the company wants to help people exercise their right to vote.
Voters must use the code INDYELECTION19 to get the free rides. The code is good for two rides, up to $10 in value, to and from polls.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Mississippi M.O.V.E. is offering residents in the Gulfport, Jackson and metro Hattiesburg areas free rides to the polls to cast their ballot in the 2019 General Election.

If anyone needs a ride in these areas, they can call or text the dispatch line at 662-205-6683 with their name, pick up address, polling place and time frame for pickup.Arrangements can be made starting Monday, November 4.

Election polls are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.


Specific information on ID’s required, polling place times and ride sharing here.


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