Mon 10/14: Two quick actions to get things started for the week…

Action #1 – It’s do-it-ourselves democracy time again! Reach out to other voters to make this impeachment happen… You can help!

Indivisible National has a plan to improve our prospects of a fair trial in the Senate, similar to the one that helped us save the ACA.  They’ve set up a hubdialer to enable us to call other voters in key states with GOP Senators. We can talk to them about letting their senators know that they expect a fair trial in the Senate and then, even better,  we can connect them directly to their senators’ offices. The hubdialer should make this really easy. All you need is a phone and computer or tablet. You can sign up for one or more shifts here.

Read Indivisible’s guide here and help reach and mobilize constituents across the country. Sign up now and they’ll send you everything you need to start calling into target states and connecting voters directly to their senators!

Action #2 – Fortune Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women” Summit should not be celebrating power used for evil. Ask them to “rethink” Kirstjen Nielsen. 

All in all, Nielsen’s legacy as an apologist and enabler of Trump’s detention and deportation machine will go down in history as one of the crucial — and cruel — moments of this presidency.”  – ACLU

What was Fortune Magazine thinking when they decided to include Kirstjen Nielsen, the glib and presentable front-woman for Trump Administration’s brutal family separation policy  at their “Most Powerful Women” Summit (Oct. 21-23)? Under her watch, thousands of immigrant children and families were traumatized, with “significant and lifelong” harm. Two actually died. She withdrew the legal status for nearly 300,000 people from Honduras, El Salvador and elsewhere who had been living peacefully in the United States for decades, and sanctioned mass deportation trials for asylum seekers.

As she resigned in well-earned disgrace, the “career arc” requirement described in this sprightly little video of the conference doesn’t really apply.  Despite pressure from unconscionable allies, she does not deserve any form of public platform, rehabilitation of her reputation or a seat at this table.

Speak out now!  Make sure that Fortune Magazine understands that a cynical corporate media makeover for someone who helped promote fascism and harmed children is unacceptable.

  • Call the magazine. We left a message with the Senior Manager of Brand Communications Other contacts here.
    • Minimal script: “Kirstjen Nielsen carried out the Trump administration’s racist immigration agenda, including its family separation policy. Don’t give her a platform to rehabilitate her image and escape the consequences for her crimes.”
  • Email them at
  • Copy your email to:
  • And sign this petition
  • Tweet them:  @FortuneMagazine has invited #KirstjenNielsen to speak at their #MostPowerfulWomenConvening in D.C. later this month. Fortune, there are plenty of powerful women who HAVEN’T used that power to torture children. What a disgrace. She has committed crimes against humanity. She should not be your honoree.

Deeper dive on Kirstjen…

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