Sat 9/21: “We the People” rally today! – Across the nation, we are coming together to remind lawmakers who they work for…

Indivisible Ventura will be registering voters! Volunteer to help!

Saturday 9/21 – “We the People” will rally and Little Donnie will fly!
Join in at Plaza Park in downtown Ventura –  starts at 10 am!


Amy Siskind, author of “The Weekly List – This is How Democracy Ends” and KA McRae created a mission statement for this grassroots protest that fights against Trump’s attempt to divide us. There is room is this statement to include each person’s passionate reasons to fight against this corrupt administration. We are a nation of people with ties to every corner of the earth. That diversity is the basis of our strength and we are stronger together.

Mission Statement:We the People are marching to be seen and heard. We are marching to remind our elected of cials that they work for us. We are marching because the current regime is a threat to our democracy and values. We are marching to demand action. Silence and inaction are complicity.

More than 100,000 people have signed up to participate today in over 60 solidarity marches around the country as well as in England, France, Germany, Italy, Thailand, and Mexico.

  • Facebook link here.
  • Some nice sign ideas on the national Facebook site here, under “Discussion”.
  • Reading: 5 Facts about “We the People” March” here.

When: Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 10 AM
Where: Plaza Park, 651 E. Thompson Blvd. Ventura.

More information and maps for your closest march here.

There’s always more to do –  Check out our “Local Events” listings here.


Some posts from the Facebook page…



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