Thurs – 1/17: HELP!!! The Homeless Count needs more volunteers! Training classes start today.

Please help with a “Day of Service” in your own community?

The yearly Homeless Count is happening again on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd at sites all throughout Ventura County including: Ventura, Camarillo, Ojai, Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks, Fillmore, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Port Hueneme, Moorpark, and unincorporated Areas.

An accurate count is crucial for our county to receive all the HUD support we need. These rainy days just illustrate how important it is to get as many people housed as possible.


Consider this: Since Trump was elected, a lot of us have done things that we’d never imagined doing, especially the introverts amongst us.

We’ve started and joined groups, made new friends and become more positive about the power of ordinary people to improve our world. We’ve written postcards, registered student voters, organized and attended lectures, movies and forums, knocked on doors, helped immigrants become citizens, worked at our own polling places (!!), fed homeless people, protested on sidewalks with fabulous signs, marched in streets and called our legislators about a million times.

We are not the same people we were two years ago.

So consider doing this: If you’re over 18, can walk comfortably for a couple of hours and have a cell phone, please join a team with 2 or 3 other people to interview our homeless population. Just like when we first started canvassing, more experienced volunteers will help us newbies figure this out.

There’s training, thank goodness. Pick (1). No RSVP required.

  • 1/17 – Thursday (today!!!): 12:00 noon: Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli Street, Atrium Room.
  • 1/17 – Thursday (today!!!) 5:30 pm: Ventura City Hall, Community Meeting Room.
  • 1/18 – Friday, January – 9:30am: Ventura County Behavioral Health, 1911 Williams Drive, Oxnard (2nd Floor, Lake Tahoe Room).
  • More information for other city trainings: contact Jennifer Harkey at (805) 658-4342

There’s an app for that…

If you can, download the “Counting Us” app from Google Play or the App Store, and follow these steps below. If you have difficulty, they’ll help you at the training class:

  • Tap Register
  • Register (enter your info. and tap “Submit Registration”)
  • Enter your info. (tap “Log In” and then tap “Choose Count”)
  • Join a Count (enter the Setup Key of ___VENT19___ and tap “Join Count”)

Sign up for the Count!

If you want to join Indivisible Ventura’s team,email us here with your name, email, phone #, and preferred shift on Jan. 22nd, either [6 am-12 noon] or [11am-5pm]. Tell us if you’re signing up with a friend. The morning shift always needs more people (6 am!!!), so please indicate if you’re flexible.

If you just want to sign up like a normal person, go here:

Count Day, Jan. 22nd.

On the day of the Count, Tuesday, January 22nd, we will meet at Ventura City Hall, Community Meeting Room (6am for the morning shift, and 11am for the afternoon shift). If you need to reach us on the day of the Count, please call or text Meredith Hart (805) 797-1446.

Look around you. Who would benefit from volunteering?

Please ask your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues! Volunteers may sign up at


Talk to Amy here:


If you’ve never seen the results of this count, go here to read the “2018 Homeless Count and Subpopulation Survey: Final Report”. It gives a person-by-person picture on those in our community.  How many live in emergency or transitional housing? How many live in their cars or in encampments? How many are at risk of becoming homeless? How many are children? How many are veterans? How many are lifelong Ventura residents? How many are homeless because of recent fires?

Knowledge is power. Not only does the count help us secure HUD funding, but it helps our community formulate the best solutions for our homeless neighbors.



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